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  1. Hey guys! Havent been on here for AGES!!! mainly due to working as a bluecoat and entertainer on other parks! Just getting back in to gigging, went to try my amplifier and having issues already!! Heres whats happening, When playing music through the unit, it clips at low volume, and clips on ever bass hit. I have the amplifier on half power, and the mixer also on half power and have tried blowing hot air from a hair drier into it (incase its got damp or cold since last used!) But still no luck. Running out of ideas and my first gig is SATURDAY!!!!!! Any ideas, or ti
  2. The Pontins near me (brean sands) has just gone. Remaining open for the time being tho i think! Regarding working in places like this, I'm literally just submitting CV's and audition tapes to Holiday camps! I'm hoping to do one or two seasons as a Entertainer at a holiday camp of some sort and having DJing knowledge always helps. Also, a little known fact about me, I'm a trained clown! Honest! Been to clown college- the lot! So fingers crossed, the next time your thinking about going to a south west holiday camp, you might get a face full of me!!!!
  3. Ive found it handy orange robbing t-mobiles signal now! Confused me a few times seeing "t-mobile" on my phone... but yeah, coverage has improved alot!
  4. Hello everyone!! I havent been on the forum for aaages! Whats happened my end since i was last on here? Well, i broke partnership with JJ Sounds my last disco on boxing day due to a disagreement! So early February I started up on my own under the name of "Big Fish Discos". Got a good load of equipment from my mum, who was in a band ages ago, so took alot of her PA stuff off her hands. Its not the best stuff, but its doing (apart from the Leem amp which has just died on me!!) Got a few bookings in, but its very quiet here, and advertising is hard due to a new job! On the plus
  5. I'm in need of a new amp! My old proper retro "Leem M86T" has gone up the chuff and left me with no amp other than my extreme back up Laney amp which has a bad static problem. My speakers are max 8ohms, and can take take about 150 watts each i think. well, the last amp was 300watts and they did fine on there. If anyone has anything to offer at a reasonable price, or can direct me in a good direction, i will be very greatful! Am hiring PA at the minute, and im kinda loosing money!! thanks guys!
  6. I had a quadzilla for a bit, but it failed on me pretty quick so had to take it back. personally i wouldnt recommend! ADJ Mystics a nice light tho. Had two of them on the last disco i worked on. I only have one LED light atm, thats the KAM colorbeam. nice effect and works well as a center peice. the new REVO looks mighty fine also!
  7. Was just window shopping at the ADJ website, and had a jaw dropping moment...! If only i could afford this after buying a Quadzilla! LED QUEST (ADJ Website) looks to be a room filler... but looking at the vid... only if your i a skittle alley!!!
  8. Im looking for a decent sized box trailer... Im sure you know the type! We're expanding rapidly, and the rover 214 is struggling to cope with the disco in the back now! Will travel about 150 from somerset. will go further if the price is right! cheers guys! DJ JAMS
  9. I'm currently a Home Delivery Driver for Asda Home Shopping. Really flexible and norm book gig nights off, gave them a weeks notice and off i trotted to the gig! Previous to that, i worked as a night duty manager at a Holiday Inn! Getting time off for that was a night mare, but starting at 10/11 i was able to set up and leave the other half the the disco (the other J) plaing the tunes. so no real bother!
  10. hey all... Did my first xmas disco on Saturday. Luckily was a kids disco so wasnt too harsh on the upbeat chrimbo stuff... just used dumbed down stuff! but got me thinking... i dont seem to have much 'pop' type xmas stuff... your ideas? what xmas track are good to dance too? as I'm typing this... Father Christmas has just gone past my window on a trailer being followed by kids... I love Somerset...
  11. DJTauntonJams


    unfortunately yes! the curse of night work and never checking my emails!! ill give you the key to my combine... if you wont tell anyone else about this ;) haha
  12. DJTauntonJams


    haha, early morning typos!!! just noticed it now!! haha
  13. Damn this credit crunch! We are very dry on gigs for the next two months here at JJ Sounds. Looking for anything really! We adapt for all events. Kids partys would be nice, as we offer a full entertainments package, including a clown for the little tykes to abuse! Contact me if you hear of anything, or are unable to make a gig. We're available most weekends unless we have a gig lined up. james@jjsounds.co.uk jams.uk@hotmail.co.uk reasonable prices also
  14. At current i use some some folio style docets, with the pockets fixed in place. but i have just updated and turned what was 32 pages to 74!! and pens! thank god i work in a hotel, so i just kinda slip a few pens in my pocket and be done with it! Same goes with the photocopying! The books coming back with things in... we only used them for one gig, as i didnt put them in any order :wall: so were pretty much impossible to use unless you had a catalogue of legend and sunfly discs firmly imprinted in your brain.. but i have flowers in them, a phone number appeared aswell and a few pa
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