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  1. Thanks for all the replies,will have a go at each of these and let you all know how I get on...cheers!!
  2. Hi all just a quick question... How do I get my own graphics on the karaoke screen instead of just the boring old black screen with the vdj sign in the corner? I have seen other DJs do it but cant figure it out myself...any one know? :shrug:
  3. Hello peeps...need a DJ to cover a wedding reception this saturday,They booked last year but I completly forgot about it!! :damn: The gig is in Farnworth,Bolton at the Radcliffe Masonic Halls.110 Bury New Road,BL2 2QU Start time 6pm-12pm. £150 Cash pickup. PHONE ME IF ANY ONE CAN COVER THIS GIG: 07938911504 Kev.
  4. thanks for the comments!! Got a few simon cowell qoutes to hand so going to try and use them
  5. Hallo again all need a bit of advice. I am DJing at a party on friday at Tiger Tiger for an office party,they want to have have an x factor type competition but I have never done one of these!! Has anyone on here hosted one before an can you give me some advice and tips on what I should do?
  6. Does anyone know the best manchester radio to tune into if the venues do not have tv's,hopefully they will but dont want everythin going boobies up!!
  7. Good idea lol showing my inexperience there,I havent got a radio on my rig but what I figured I can do is take a portable one and plug into the headphone socket and RCA through my amp,going to test this tommorow. What time is the best time to turn to radio one?
  8. Hiya all..I am doing my first NYE and just needs a few tips on the order of events on these types of nights. I am doing it for a local pub but obviously with it being my first Nye I am a bit scared! I am going to try the DMC Christmas and new year mega mix..Using the mix on track 2 going into the chimes which is track 3 and then into auld lang syne which is track 4. If anyones has this cd is this right? I think i have the timing right just want your expert thoughts!!
  9. :pro: Or just to much time on your hands haha
  10. I did a civil partnership not long ago for lesbians..to be honest I just approached it like any other gig and played what the mood and the crowd dictated...simples!!
  11. Got a girls 21st friday who has been mivering the life out of me so god knows what she is going to be like on the night haha. Saturday is a 30th love doing them
  12. Giraffe stand with what used to be my shelves out of my wardrobe for shelving haha
  13. I tried windows 7 RC but it wouldnt take the drivers for my bcd so went back to vista until drivers are released. I do want to get rid of vista I just find it unreliable!!
  14. Just a 30th on friday for me which was a cracker and everyone really enjoyed it,getting a lot more confident on the mic now and most of the room was on the dancefloor at the end!! Played quite a mix and finished of playing time of my life,then seemed to have a stroke of genius and played set me free after it which went down a storm!! :joe:
  15. Yes I pretty much do it this way,by genre
  16. September has been really slow for me,only had one gig at the beginning of the month,looks like its picking up for next month and onwards though thank god. Whats with september was nobody born in this month or something lol
  17. I use vdj 5.2 at the moment and i love it,the only problem I have is that it does take a lot out of my pc when I run karaoke seems to suck the life out of it and tends to make it crash a lot,could be the program itself or that I need a cpu upgrade to handle it better
  18. kevvyb

    Help People!

    Just looking for a few song ideas for a civil partnership I have took a booking for on saturday,has anyone done one of these before. I am just not sure what to expect lol
  19. Wow thats interesting that certain DJ'S will not play certain songs!! At the end of the day they pay your wages for the night so you should pretty much play what they want (within reason lol). Plus I find that all ages all know the cheesy tunes and will get up and dance to it. Dont be afraid of cheese somebody once wrote on here and they were spot on!!
  20. I know but i just thought i would combine last weeks and this weeks in one post because i am lazy lol. :hide:
  21. Wow!!! how do you get them screens to come up and how much do they cost each? Also how do you run them ie dvi to hdmi? I am looking at doing some thing like this but with karaoke as well
  22. Amen to that I hate that advert :lame:
  23. Did a joint 21st and engagement party on Sat and it was quality,everyone in fancy dress so played all the music they was dressed up as and got them up in turn. Was supposed to play until 12.30 but was ordered by the management to plat another hour for extra money(which I happily obliged!) and just played mainly oldschool for the last hour. All in all was an amazing night with plenty of business cards gave out. :joe: Got a joint birthday this friday and then a 21st on saturday..I just love the fact that I never know what to expect!! :Thumbup: :lol2:
  24. Made me laugh that lol :funjokeandlaugh:
  25. busy weekend for me this weekend..and all word of mouth bookings!! :Thumbup: Got a 21st on friday in Newton Heath...Then an 18th In rochdale on saturday then got to get up on sunday to do at christening at the bernard manning club,becoming a regular at his club lol I love doing 18th's and 21st's :funjokeandlaugh:
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