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  1. I agree with you both, firslty in being honest... that was my intention to explain that this is one of few gigs and if request i wil take the price hit to secure the booking and "get my foot in the door". I would pretty much bend over backwards and take it to start getting weddings going Jas, whilst i do agree prehaps calling myself a specialist is wrong i see no harm in doing so as long as i do make it clear that it is the start of many. Its, i suppose, to be given the opportunity to at least be heard; and its worked. So far i have closed and performed at a couple of functions since upda
  2. I'm not claiming to be a wedding planner, just their DJ with free event planning resources... As i have said, they are yet to book me so i would like some great ideas to really seal the deal. I'm going to create a list of venues worked, round up my testimonials (although they where done via online so lack the authenticate effect, have plenty of photos which i shall bring along. I always use contracts, have headed paper, business cards the words. They have asked for music playlist so i will simply give them a small sample selection. I might even make a one off printed "Leave behind" b
  3. Hi All, This is my first pre-booking (they have yet to book) wedding meeting... Im not entirely sure what exactly to bring with me, any suggestions? Cheers Barney
  4. Personally i go all out, not only do i class it as their present :) but remember in the wise words of Jane Zotman: Everyone you meet is a potential client... im sure there will be people you dont know there, why not impress them! Maybe they are planning a party soon, or maybe their friend is! Dont loose out on business, for 10 minutes extra unloading and set up time!
  5. DJ Barney

    21st Party

    Being a Club DJ and turning 21 myself shortly here would be my top current chart and all time chart toppers to play if its a younger crowd Current Top 10 (in no particular order): Akon - Right Now Akon - Dangerous Flo Rider - Right Round Katy Perry - Hot & Cold [bimbo Jones Mix] Lady GaGa - Just Dance Pink - So What [bimbo Jones Mix] Guru Josh Project - Inifinty 2008 [Klass Mix] Rihanna - Live your life Kid Kudi - Day n Night [crookers remix] The Outsiders - Keep this fire burning [freemason remix] All Time Top 10 (no particular order) Robyn S vs Steve Ange
  6. Hi All, I would appear many of you have residencies at hotels and what not, alas, i have none... I am wondering whats the best way to try go get in with hotels as their resident or recommended DJ? Tips and advice also welcome :) Many thanks
  7. Well i downloaded the trial of ADJ MyDMX and had a play, got to good grips with it... but i want to design and view my lighting shows in the 3D viewer with the correct colour light. Im using acme dynamos which only come out either white or yellow and acme pumas which i can only manage to get out as white I also have 2 LED (starville) par cans i wish to put on, does any1 know which exisiting product will match? Thanks for your help
  8. Whats your take on sending newsletters to past and present customers? Any suggestions for articles would be really good! Cheers
  9. Well i must admit, english isnt my strongest subject - i wrote the baseline article and the editor made it more readable... many of you will probably guess my english and spelling isnt fantastic :) but shall definatly consider doing something for someone! lol
  10. Thank you all for your advice, i think it would be better offer investing in maybe KAM LED800 Special thanks to jim for the excellent explanation
  11. lol mayb £127.50 an hour? that such a precise ammount! lol good luck with all the good 'ens nocked out
  12. How about sell one... to me :) that will cut down brightness!
  13. Does it look like i have a function one system... no im on peaveys, does it look like i have martin lighting... no im on acme! Im pretty sure my rig set up could be considered lower value than many of your yet im in there... they offer a range not just 1 type... infact last month was a mid point between us two... but surely we would want to see the higher end of the market, listen to their story and find out what they found to be sucessful. Anyone who chosen to ignore such articles isnt appricated the value that reading what made others so sucessful he can s:cense: as much money as he lik
  14. I kid you not amigos... A contact in china takes apart the £20 poor 4.3mw red laser crabs, puts in a small circuit and a blue diode (of which i think i has come from a Blue-Ray drive, but could be wrong) and presto a very cheap and simple laser crab. Which also opporates on a 9v batter for 2 hours, although must be turned off every 2 hours either way to avoide over heating.... 2 hours of lasering ur crowd must be enough anyway! But yea, so its is a pretty powerful and unique unit... cheap from china :) probably wont last long... but at that price, cant complain!
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