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  1. yeh i have noticed a few people saying its quite bad this year, im keeping my head up though as i like doing the djing so im not givin up for a long time ha ha, and as for the price, im not doing it so cheap it will scare people to thinking im rubbish but not so high they expect pete tong to turn up. we had a bloke for our xmas party at work and he charged £170 (180 in the end £20 out of my own pocket as people was enjoying themselves and i wanted the party to carry on for them) but im not charging that much £50 less infact lol. i think thats a ''in the middle of the road'' price for a new dj.
  2. ahh cherrs jim, have taken on borad what you have said. i know what u mean bout the flyers and things, just think 1 bookin in 2 months is weak lol. i dont charge a major amount due to being new and all that so cant be the prices unless there are djs round hear charging a pittence. will wait for that phone to start ringing lol
  3. yeh i know what u mean, only done one gig so far and there wasnt as many people as they was supposed to be there and i knew most of the people there so givin them my cards was pointless lol. just need sum bookings to flood in lol
  4. :Thumbup: as some of you will know im new to all of this. i have all the equiptment (not cheap rubbish eather) so i have a decent setup. its all about advertising and getting your name out there when your new so what did you do? at present i have my website, website on my van, business cards, on yell.com, dj mobile network, goodparty, getting flyers made this weekend to give out on the street to people with a 10% discount on your booking with the flyer to strum up business, facebook fanpage, facebook friends page, advertised on facebook for a few weeks, got friends and family spreading th
  5. thanks dukesy, sorry bout the late reply didnt get a email for sum reason. thanks all for your help :-)
  6. ok im a mobile dj but i have got all the gear needed to do video dj and karaoke (screens and sofware) all i need is to know where u people get your music videos and karaoke videos from? i have a few music video dvds but you can't rip them to the laptop so how do you get around this?
  7. yeh think i will be doing a checklist next time ha ha :Thumbup: exbutlinred82 that is excellent lmao, got it down to a tee
  8. ha ha i hope so, shes not my type. shame it wasnt the other bar maid
  9. i got a equinox 30mw green lazer that i use when ive got more of the dancy stuff on, get some smoke in the room and it looks excellent. crowd love it i must admit. i would reccomend anyday. dave
  10. yeh i agree paul it is a great feeling, were does the time go thou!it seem to go so quick. and yeh i think next time i will look down the gap between the wardrobe (thats were the poles wer hiding) everything else is in big plastic storage containers so i cant realy forget anything. such a rush thou and cant wait to do it again :Thumbup:
  11. cheers people for the positive replys. just need that phone to start ringing now. that job last night was for a friend. the person who owned the sports centre has had my number as she was impressd! i was shocked! my first gig and shes has loads of djs there and she wanted my number. was quite taken back so hopefully i will get sum business out of that. so all in all going good so far
  12. did my first gig last night and it went well, althou i was told there was going to be around 100 people and there was 30 if your lucky! was a good night though and i enjoyed every second, apart from having to back homa as fast as the van could take me as i forgot the lighting poles :aa but otherwise all in all was good. cant wait for the next one now!
  13. ahhhh mint got it workin now, cheers jim, just gotta sus the workings of the controller now, had a little play and it seems quite good.
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