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  1. i'm considerin buying a pair of these just wondering if anyone has any views on the carlsbro brand or these speakers in particular. I am buying these 2nd hand for £150 with a powerline 800 wat amp is this worth it? i will be running these with a pair of 350w class D bass bins and i am hoping this will be load enough for most applications



  2. Right so iv just got home from doing an 18th and i must say it went really well. So now your proberly wondering what went wrong.


    well i'll tell you its my SPEAKERS. The thing is i'm only 18 and so cant afford a van or a trailer and havent got endless amounts of money for good speakers like some mackies. So when my cheap soundlab ones blew a year ago i got some QLX pro 350w rms (plastic cabs) they arnt the best speakers in the world but they are good quality for the price. Now last week at a leavers ball a tweater went and also a driver in a pair of smaller speaker i use.


    so at this point i'm fed up and was thinking im going to sort my sound out once and for all so i went wild and got some class D 350w bass bins to replace my smaller speakers and i took my QLX in for repair. come friday when i came and picked it up it wasnt ready because the replacment compression driver hadnt been delevered But i took it anyway as i needed it for this 18th and i was just going to have to do with the sound being un-balenced. half way through this 18th the damaged qlx goes all togeather. but to be fair the other one did me proud and it wasnt that noticable and that was to me we was sobar and everyone else of there face.


    so now i'm faced with a dilema. do i :

    1. just get the one damaged QLX speaker repaired

    2. replace both drivers in the QLX speakers with some quality eminence ones

    3. sell the QLX for what i can get and get some new speakers for around £200-£250 (not my favourite as i will be struggling to afford it)


    so there you go, hope i havent bored you with my troubles but it would be nice to get some advice and guidence. thanks

  3. its the LF driver which has blown which i dont understand because surely with the crossover being bypassed it's likely to cause the Tweeter to fail first as it'll be driven with a full range signal which will be a lot more. the tweeter still works fine and is the original



  4. things just go from bad to worse. the other day i posted a question on replacing drivers because one of them gone in a speaker.


    so yesterday i decided to have a look inside. and i was suprised to see no wires were connected to the crossover. one wire of the driver was connected to a wire of the tweeter and the other wire was also connected to the other wire of the tweeter, then a wire of each went stright to the inputs. i hope i've made this clear enough and was wondering why its wired up like this and what damage this can cause?


    oh and one more point i did buy these second hand and in future i'll be sure to buy new ones (lesson learnt)

  5. i know this would be the ideal situation. i am feeling ambitious though and might have a go at building my own and hope it dosent turn out another one of my other failed diy projects.


    seen some jamo drivers 300watts each with crossovers for £60 is this a good price as i've heard jamo are a quite good?

  6. cheers for the advice guys. I've always known the amp was over rated for the speakers but coming of the 300w speakers they've never had a problem and suprised me because i was warned it wasnt a good idea but i was just nieve and ignored the advice but oh well.


    looks like an invesment in some new cabs is the best option. would you say matching the wattage of my 300w speakers is the best and safest option?

  7. Right so let me give you the low down. last night while doing a gig one of the drivers blown in a speaker.

    i am currently using 2 sets of speakers one set 300w rms and and then powering a set of 100w rms from them, all of this is being powered by a behringer ep 2500.


    The only reason i use the 100w's is that they give out nice crisp bass (well at least one of them did) so now heres my dilema, i want to replace both drivers in the 100w cabs for some 300w drivers. with me having very limited knowledge of speakers i was wondering if this would be a wise idea?

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