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  1. You can use these sockets as mix sends to your sub woofer. Take a stereo jack plug, open it up, solder a link between tip and ring, (to enable the internal amp to continue to operate as before) and then connect a screened cable to the sleeve (screen) and the inner core to the two linked terminals tip+ring. On the other end, attach a suitable plug for your sub woofer and plug it in, then the master fader on the Studiomaster will fade the subwoofer up and down in sync with the main built-in amp. I'd prefer to do it this way because using the monitor bus means the master fader hasn't got ult
  2. Hi all, thanks for all the advise. you asked me "what kind of mixer i have" and you were right it's the studiomaster powerhouse 300. thats 300 watts a side.it's got two line outputs left and right and at the back it has inserts left send and return and right send and return.don't know anything about inserts.I tried the bass bin with the two line outs as the bin has left and right inputs and left and right outputs and used the impulses as normal and the sound was'nt bad.I was told i could use the monitor out to the bass bin and use the monitor volume slider to adjust the volume to the
  3. Hi all, I have just bought an active subwoofer and i'm not sure what the best way of hooking it up to my PA. My PA consists of a studiomaster powered mixer and two PV pasive impulse speakers.the subwoofer is (the box cl115). Any help here would be great. kind regards, Carloos.
  4. Hi all, My name is Paul(my mates call me carloos) and today is my first day as a member.I've been in different bands over the years and have now turned my hand to Dj.Have only two gigs so far and found it as much hard work as playing guitar on my own,maybe because i was a bit nervous and not fully use to the gear. I also work shift every second weekend and had to refuse two gigs this weekend. So any tips for a virgin DJ would be greatly appreciated. regards,
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