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  1. :thanks: For that ! so what you mean is they have a thick and a thin black line on the shaft ?
  2. Hi folks :Thumbup: I've tried searcing for an answer to this but can't find one. I am venturing into Dmx control for 2 Njd Datamoons that I have for about 5 years (working good so don't want to get rid yet) and for future purchases of lighting. My problem is the Datamoons Dmx input and output are 1/4 inch jacks, and I want to buy a Dmx controler that will control any lights I buy not just the Datamoons. I have had a look at the Datamoons manual that I still have and it states jacks are : Data+ Tip, Data¬ Ring, Earth Sleeve. Are these standard stereo jacks ? What I was plannin
  3. Thanks for your view's :thanks: At the moment all four of my effects (non dimable) are directed on the ceiling and walls together with the venue's own large mirror ball so I need the dance floor lit up if possible. I am waiting delivery of a blue led curtain thingy to cover all my wires etc. (cant remember the proper name !)that will be on the edge of a low stage and I hope that will provide a bit of light or at least a visual effect. I never had the problem of blinding the audience before as the lights always used to be directed on the dance floor or over their heads they were either dru
  4. Thanks I did think that but not actually seen an led effect in the flesh I suppose I was leaning towards the supernova pack because its so lightweight. Maybe I should go for something that is dimable or maybe a colour wash or parcan type of light as I really dont want beams of light in peoples faces even when they are dancing ! ;thumbdown:
  5. Thanks for that are these both the same light or do they have different functions ? Still not sure if they are for me though I don't want to spend money on something and find it's no less dazzling than I've got already
  6. Hi how much control do you have over this set can you speed up and slow them down ? Cheers !
  7. Hi folks !1 :Thumbup: I am looking to lighten the weight and ease of set up of my lighting equipment but I am unsure what to go for ! My problem is I only Dj once a month for a group of Swing Jive/Ballroom dancers (myself included) The lighting I have at the moment is more suited to your normal Disco's which I used to do up until a couple of years ago. I still use the same effects namely 2 Datamoons linked to each other, 2 more moonflowers similar to the datamoons and 1 scanner. Instead of these directed onto the dance floor I now have them on the walls and ceiling as the dancers
  8. I get mine from here ! http://www.terralec.co.uk/spare_parts/ligh...s/10101_0c.html
  9. Hi folks has anybody seen this any thoughts etc ? http://uk.europe.creative.com/products/pro...p;product=15913
  10. Hi Folks ! My name is Mike, I've recently returned to Djing at the ripe old age of 49 ! :spin: Why at 49 you may ask ? Well I used to do a bit maybe 10 years ago with my son for a bit of extra earnings etc. but packed it in when he lost interest and I changed my full time job. Then about 3 years ago my wife came home with a poster for Jive lessons, so we thought we would give it a go for a bit of fun, after a couple of lessons we were hooked ! To cut a long story short I have now begun organizing monthly dances at a local Social Club for our fellow dancers purely for enjoyment and n
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