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  1. Mr Dukesy.......... Apologies if i appear to have quoted any part of your post. Not my intention. I just said what i feel and most of it i just happen to agree with!.
  2. Personally i dont think anyone will agree on what is right, what is wrong, what/who is good or bad. And does it really matter. Everybody is different and will serve different corners of the market. And yes, we are only hired help at the end of the day. However, whatever corner of the market you provide a service for, we must not lose track that the people who book us pay our bills and if you do what you are paid to do well, may well help to pay our bills in the future. And for everybodys information, im not top end and im far from bottom end. My prices ref
  3. Had a very good night myself at a local pub. After doing xmas eve and boxing day this was my first "big" one there and it was absolutely packed. One of the busiest pubs in town. Its no exaggeration to say i dont think i had less than 100 people dancing in front of me all night!. And i dont think i played anything older than 6 months all night. Usual drunken idiots about but nothing to worry about and EV speakers and MC2 amp stood the test well!. Happy New Year to you all!!
  4. Agree with all the above. They were supposed to be changing their name to MyGoodParty this summer but it hasnt happened. There is one on there at the moment requesting a "good dj" who "will get people dancing all night" as she "doesnt want anybody sat down"!. This is a 5 hour wedding gig and the clients budget is.................£100!!. Would you do it?!. I wouldnt...............! On the flip side i must admit i have had quite a few gigs off there and the client has been happy to pay what i quoted. Including a couple of weddings at 2 of the most u
  5. I have just got home from work. I'm a drayman delivering beer. Been in Sidmouth and Exmouth today and i have to say that is some of the worse weather i have ever seen. Could not open the curtains in Sidmouth. The sea was something else. I took pictures of it and will post them asap. Makes you sick looking at it!. Cornwall got it pretty bad i'm told. Hope no-one has been seriously hurt anywhere. Global warming.........you having a laugh???!!!
  6. Nothing tonight. Takiking my son to a firework display in Teignmouth. Tomorrow its a couple renewing their wedding vows in Exeter. Happy Guy Fawkes Night people......... :dukesy:
  7. Saturday........60s and 70s theme night in a local pub. I dont think it will work so close to halloween. Landlord thinks it will. Who am i to argue?!. he who pays the piper blah blah blah!. Sunday........Family halloween party at a social club. Look out for the Black Eyed Peas new one......The Time. Very catchy. Spin of from Dirty dancing Time of My Life
  8. Yes indeed......i most definately will look after it!. The dj pal of mine said how much he wanted for it. I would have been a fool to say no. Yes its used, but its in mint condition (flight cased all its life). Never been really pushed to its limits and i know its true history. And if anything does happen to it, i'm 20 minutes from where they are made! QSC or Matrix will be the back up amp in due course.
  9. Evening guys.......... I would just like to say thank you to those that gave me the most helpful advice rececently about amps to run my EV Force i25 speakers. It was greatly appreciated. I ran them Saturday night for the first time using a borrowed MC2 T2000 amp. They really are powerful with i feel plenty in reserve if need be. Lovely sound too. Maybe a little bass heavy in my opinion but i can live with that!. I liked the amp so much i made him an offer and he accepted!. I now have a rock solid, r
  10. Just Saturday for me this week..............21st birthday at a pub in Exeter. At least the new force i25's will be tested well!
  11. Indeed they are. As i said i have borrowed one (T2000) for Saturday night. Ive ran it already briefly and it sounds very sweet. And they are not as dear as you think!. As Dukesy said, this site is for sharing info etc. So, i happen to know from my friend who has lent me one of his spare MC2 amps that if you butter them up first by email, phone call etc, telling them how good they are and they come highly reccommended etc etc. Well, take a visit to their offices, factory with cash in your hand and you will get them half price off the shelf! Sshh............dont tell everybody though!
  12. Just had a look at the Thomann website..................very decent prices i have to say. Think the QSC RMX2450 is looking very good. Also had an offer of a decent used amp from a forum member.! Will be in touch. Just to tell you all i am using the EV Force i25's for the 1st time this saturday at a 21st party. A very good (and trusting!) friend of mine has lent me his spare MC2 T2000 amp. Just had it on in the garage for a little while (sorry neighbours!). And that is a very sweet sounding amp also!.
  13. Gone off the Behringer as ive heard conflicting stories!. And i dont drive a Skoda either thank you sir!. And Steve, regarding the QSC amp............sounds interesting. If you could PM me, we could have a chat about it. Thanks
  14. Guys.............. Thank you for all your advice. Greatly appreciated. A big thanks to superstardeejay especially for the advice given by PM. And also djmickeyk. I have narrowed it down. Will be getting 2 of these 3.......... Behringer EP4000 Matrix UKP2100 Peavey PV2600 Oh..........and a back support for lifting the Force i25's! Thanks again
  15. Mr Audio Man........ Its funny you should mention the Matrix UKP2100................just been looking at it and was going to ask for opinions!
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