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  1. Unfortunately the common fault with these units is the electronic transformer, and when they go wrong if it isn´t anything obvious such as the two 3 ohm resistors that feed the pulse transformer,and the main bridge rectifier, then it is a bin job. I have tried many times to fix switch mode PSU´s mostly unsucessfully.
  2. So you want a compact but powerful sound, I woulsd suggest looking at a system that consists of 2 satelite speakers 8" and a sub base cube of some description. Thomann.de have a lot of complete T box systems and db technologies all within your budget, most with buit in amplification. (in the bass bin) http://www.thomann.de/gb/the_box_cl_115_sub.htm this system looks reasonable for the money.
  3. I agree with all the above comments, but you now have these speakers and assuming that all the other sound output is ok, it may be worth your while just replacing the dome tweeters with , compression drivers, or piezeo tweeters with a 20 ohm 10 watt resistor in series (if you really want to save money) I suggest you look at the maplin.co.uk website or visit a local shop.
  4. tried the units without lamp today no change, added extra smoothing capacitor to the psu, no change, interestingly enough the unit worked fine on a dmx operator, could be that only 192 channels of data is sent as opposed to 512 on the daslight Nicolaudie box
  5. Yep fully terminated, i think it may be to do with interference from the discharge lamp circuit, will try running the light without lamp fired later, and report back.
  6. Hi all I have got a 14 head DMX Abstract lighting system running off a daslight gold controller in a club, all works well except the 2 Mad scan MBI150´s, one is worse than the other. All 4 motors flicker intermittently. When the DMX is removed the heads go into stand alone mode perfectly. no flicker, so I guess this is not a power supply fault, all the DMX connections are correct, tried isolating the DMX earth line, the other heads further down the line work perfectly. The units worked perfectly on the bench with conventional DMX controller. I have not tried a conventional cont
  7. Hi Newbie here, so a little about myself. Worked in north London in 1978 for Van Der Molem hi-fi manufacturer as a tester / trouble shooter, then in 1979 for Disco Supplies, manufacturing the old Glitter systems, cabinet making, electronics etc, Years later started my own shop (back street) in South East Kent 1986 built all my own speakers, light boxes and consoles (twin decks), survived 3 years there then worked from home for the next 10 looking after the local DJ´s gear also as a wedding DJ myself. Started a new shop on a high street near Margate in 2000 ran that for 3 years
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