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  1. Hi I'm looking for another MAD Powerflower. Anyone got one they are looking to sell on? Cheers, Adam
  2. Hi there I'm looking for a MAD Powerflower! Anybody out there got one they are thinking of selling? [EDIT] PLEASE READ! [EDIT] LINK
  3. have done it a few times, and not had any problems. good luck with it!
  4. Hi Anybody found a good flightcase for the LEDJ UV Stratos? Ideally to house a pair, although a case that would hold a single unit would be good too. Thanks
  5. Hi All This is my first post, so hope this is ok to ask here. I'm after a couple of UV cannons to purchase. I'm based in Gloucestershire. Just wondered if anybody had any secondhand ones they're looking to sell? Thanks in advance Adam
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