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  1. Do you mean 2 x 4ohm speakers on (say) the left channel and 2 x 8 ohm speakers on the right?


    2 x 4 ohm cabinets in parallell means the amp will "see" 2 ohms. A pair of 8 ohm cabinets in parallell will be "seen" as 4 ohms by the amp.


    If your amp is designed to drive a 2 ohm load it will run OK but the 2 ohm side will have a greater output than the 4 ohm side.


    More to the point, why do you want to do it?


    By the way, an 8 plus a 4 will produce 6 ohms. Much easier for your amp to handle if it's OK handling 8 or 4 ohms per side.

  2. DAP Clubmate 15 700 watt 3 box active (powered) system with uprated mid/top speakers (2db more efficient and 50% more handling power than the originals). Braked castors added to bass bin for easier handling.I have owned this system for just over a year, kept it as a back-up and have used it twice only. A change of emphasis makes it surplus to requirements now. The amount of bass put out by such a relatively small box has to be heard to be believed!

    • All amplifiers and electronics are built into the subwoofer cabinet.
    • Built in dynamic compressor and limiter circuits for optimal protection and low distortion
    • Built in Subsonic Filter for optimal subwoofer protection.
    • Built in High Driver Protection.
    • Excellent Stereo Image.
    • 13-layers plywood for the subwoofer, ABS for the satellites.
    • Satellites loaded with Fane Crescendo mid/high drivers with Titanium Dome tweeter for a very smooth frequency response up to 18 kHz.

    Subwoofer: 15" compact vented active PA Subwoofer
    • Amplifier Output Low: 400 Watt RMS in 8 Ohm
    • Amplifier Output High: 2x 150 Watt RMS in 8 Ohm
    • Freq. Response (-3 dB): 44 – 125 Hz
    • Crossover Freq.: 125 Hz, 24 dB/ Oct BW
    • Input Sensitivity: 0 dBu, 775 mV
    • Efficiency (Half Space): 103 dB / W / m
    • Max. SPL at 1 m (Theoret.): 129 dB
    • Nominal Dispersion (HxV): 360° x 180°
    • Dimensions (WxHxD): 503 x 605 x 705mm
    • Net Weight: 46 kg

    Satellites: 8" passive vented PA Satellite speaker system
    • Freq. Response : 55 – 18,000 Hz
    • Power handling 225 watt rms in 8 ohms
    • Efficiency (Full Space): 97 dB / W / m
    • Max. SPL at 1 m : 120 dB
    • Nominal Dispersion (HxV): 90° x 60°
    • Dimensions (WxHxD): 280 x 390 x 210
    • Net Weight: 9 kg

    Subwoofer is upgraded with the addition of 4 x braked castors plus 4 extra rubber feet on one side. This allows the bin to sit on its side, comfortably, under an Ultimax Wheel ‘n’ Winch stand.

    £329. Based near Huntingdon. Can demo if required. Please PM for pics.

  3. Looks good - and similar to mine.


    I wish I could leave the lights permanently on the T bars and be able to transport them safely like that....


    I guess there are flightcases for such a thing but they cost hundreds and probably wouldn't fit in the motor!


    The one hour set up time isn't usually a problem but I did a wedding on Saturday where they were running late and still expecting me to start at 7.30pm - I couldn't actually get in to the function room until 6.45 but we'd originally agreed that I could have access at 5.30!



    If they were running late then, unless there was any slack in the schedule, there would be a knock-on effect. Hardly your fault and, if they were aware of the time it takes you to set up and you were there at the agreed time, it would be unreasonable to expect you to start at the original start time!


    I use an Ultimax Wheel 'n' Winch which, minus the uprights, I keep pre-assembled in my van. I use Prolight Quick Clamps for all my lighting and the female parts of the clamps are attached permanently to 2 X Showtec Bulgin bars that I join in the middle.


    I use a 3 box system (usually HK Audio Soundhouse One) a pair of hard drive controllers in a console case (with hard drives) and Allen & Heath Xone S2 mixer plus an S&H Starcloth Booth.


    Once in it's very quick to assemble the uprights and attach the Showtec bars. The lights, with permanently attached male parts, each snap into their respective female parts and it doesn't take long to set up the sound system.


    I can usually be in, set up, changed and ready to go within 60 minutes.

  4. For the fifth year running i've received a letter from PPL / PRS informing me that I need one of their overpriced licenses in order to play the radio in my business premises :rolleyes:



    Looks like they are ..............just randomly targetting businesses, any businesses including those run from home or sole traders with no staff.





    That's exactly what they are and have been doing for a number of years. It's much cheaper to send out a load of letters than it is to check where they are going.

  5. Arrived last week and looks good although I'm yet to use it at a gig.


    Although i have not seen this unit elsewhere, it strikes me that Lex units are the same as Equinox or Acme but with different inbuilt programs and/or less DMX channel, which could explain their much lower prices.


    For example, the LEX Lextream and Equinox Domin8r look identical but the videos of their performance reveal different sequences. The former is advertised as having 11 DMX channels whilst the latter has 16.

  6. 2 possibilities - depending on how bad they are now.


    Back To Black, the silicone-based spray used to restore plastic parts on cars, will improve their appearance.


    Alternatively flexible vinyl paint ( designed for respraying car dashboards ) is available in various colours. Halfords has its own range.





    ■Rackmount dual USB media player that controls and plays audio from most USB sources e.g. memory stick, hard drive or MP3 player. Will also play from SD carsds usibng a USB adapter.

    ■Each USB port can be assigned to Unit 1, Unit 2 or both

    ■Play the same song from the same USB to both players



    ■Compatible with NTFS/FAT/MAC file system formats

    ■Full Mp3 file support

    ■Supports M3U/M3U-8, XML and WPL files for playlists

    ■Easy-read displayi

    ■D3 display (title, album, artist)

    ■Adjustable seamless loop

    ■Pitch Bend

    ■Master tempo

    ■Manual BPM

    ■Single auto cue

    ■Continuous play

    ■Anti-shock mechanism

    ■Pitch Range: ±8%, 16%

    ■Program edit function

    ■2U / 19 inch rackmount design



    Brand new and boxed with manual etc.


    £69 delivered.

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