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    Wide taste in music - big Beatles fan!!<br /><br />Support Liverpool FC<br /><br />Enjoy eating and drinking!!<br /><br />Also like TV, art, photography and of course doing gigs!!
  1. Hi "And so I've faced the final curtain........." For personal reasons I've had to call it a day on the mobile disco :sad: So I've got some gear I need to shift and give the cupboard space back to my wife :ads: Anyway, here's a rough list of the gear. I've added some prices but not sat down and formalised a price list or p&p yet. I'll have to do p&p on an item by item basis. But happy to consider any reasonable offers before they go on ebay!! Will be happy to deliver within any reasonable distance (2-3hr travel max) from home in Mold. For a flat £
  2. Anyone cover a couple of gigs next month in the Greater Manchester area? Unfortunately, due to personal circumstances I'm having to quit the disco business and will be wrapping up this month, so can't take these on myself. Haven't much info apart from: Saturday 11th Sept - 40th Birthday party in Middleton, Gt Manchester Saturday 25th Sept - 21st Birthday party at Rochdale FC, Rochdale. Both from the same client. PM me or email: roadie07@hotmail.co.uk and I'll pass on the contact number. Sorry, didn't even get a name!!!! :aa Cheers Kev PS: Will
  3. Anyone interested? I have two Prolight Equinox Triclops sitting in a cupboard gathering dust! (And the missus wants the cupboard back :scared:) Well, not literally gathering dust - they are in their original packaging!! I bought them around October last year (around £120 each, I think) and only used them twice! Then I was lured away by a nice pair of scanning gobos, and they haven't seen the light of day since :hurt: In excellent condition (in their original boxes). Looking for £75 each or I'll take £140 the pair. (Currently a used pair on ebay for £180).
  4. :welcome: Ladybug. I do a few kids parties here and there (or parties with loads of kids to keep amused :scared: ) Any tips on games to a varied age range - say 5 -13 would be most welcome! Hope you enjoy the forum. Cheers Kev Roadies Disco
  5. Belated :welcome: Chewy Not been on the forum for a while (engrossed in the World cup :drama: ) Enjoy Kev
  6. Sounds as if Ltd could be the right choice for you, particularly if two of you are involved. But for me, part-time and struggling to find gigs. The pain is certainly outweighing the gain at the moment! :crap: Cheers Kev
  7. On the same wavelength! Just identified someone quite local to me, so will go and have a word. Cheers Kev
  8. :welcome: Carl Enjoy! I'm sure you will. Kev Roadies Disco
  9. Cheers With hindsight I'd totally agree. I have more than adequate PLI through DJ Associates. Sort of steered down the wrong route, I think! Will check out other business forums. Thanks again Kev
  10. Help! :scared: I'm in the process of putting together my first annual return for Companies House and I'm having a problem with what should be reported under 'Cost of Sale/Service'. To get my Gross profit I need to take away the cost of the service from my total income. I have done a very high-level intro to accounting and thought I had a handle on this (well I did during the course! :zzz: ) but now don't know what I should include! Anyone been through this before and provide a steer, I'd be grateful. My second problem relates to what should be included in Capital
  11. Belated :welcome: Like some of the others, metal/heavy rock not usually stuff I'd use - not much call for it at an 80th Birthday party But I did a wedding late last year - first track: Paranoid - Black Sabbath :omg: It was requested! Enjoy Kev Roadies Disco
  12. :welcome: to the forum Enjoy! Kev Roadies Disco
  13. Hi Sue and John :welcome: Hope you enjoy the forum. Age is but a number :dukesy: Kev Roadies Disco (North Wales)
  14. :welcome: Mike Hope you enjoy the forum! Kev Roadies Disco
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