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  1. thanks,i looked at the manual,bit confusing so normal connection it is then,yeah the drivers are 8 ohms each 600w rms,gonna use these amps saturday,bargain,2 brand new for £100,lets hope they are up to the job lol
  2. lol,2 warrior is1000w amps will be used to drive 1 dual 18" bass bin which is 1200w rms,so 1 amp=1 speaker,2 amps=2 speakers,the speakers are wired on there own so i can run 2 amps to drive them.i did use a peavey cs800x in bridge mode on its own to drive this bass bin,but it keeps going thermol on me as its not got the power,the 2 warriors will give me a lot more head room(800w) so should be fine,just want to no how to wire the speakon connector!hope this kind of explains lol
  3. i am gonna run 2 amps in bridge to drive a double 18" bass bin,the bridge input is a speakon connection,bridge is always positive to positve,but on a speakon connector theres a + and a minus,so do i just join both wires and put it into the plus,then plug it in?or can i use the normal speaker terminals,ie red to red?
  4. be carefull on there power ratings,i have a friend who recones speakers,there rms is is more like a peak rating,ie they may say 500w rms,when its more probably around the 350 w mark.
  5. SUPERSONIC OSCILATION,WHAT IS THAT LOL,anyway superstar,i used it last night,didnt cane the bass line and it never cut out once,i had it serviced by sound and light in leamington,bloke said its as good as new,yes i have the ddt switch set to on,yeah i no running in bridge mode isnt the best but havent got any choice at the minute as cant afford a behringer 2500,but i am getting there.on a brighter note,i said before bout my pro 15 compression drivers blowing,well i bought some soundlab 60w compression drivers,they are far superior to the peaveys,they are louder,clearer,and havent blown once,al
  6. hi dj cee,yeah fans working,had the amp serviced a few eeks bk,its like a mirror inside,no dust at all,think i will cut back on the bass tonight,then use another more powerful amp tommorow night.
  7. hi all,have got a residency in a town centre boozer,nice sounding system except the yamaha 18 inch subs tend to cut out,around an hour and a half into playing,i have wired them up together to get 4 ohms,and they are run bridged on a peavey cs800 x,which gives 1200w out in bridged mode,the yamaha are 600w rms each. amp isnt clipping at all,it just goes off then comes on around 1 minute later,this gets worse towards the end of the night,is this a speaker protect or amp going thermal on me,.i play dance music all night,so its thumping non stop.if i turn the bass down a touch would this cure
  8. hi all,in desperate need off gigs as 2 a month is no good to me especially with a baby due in the next week or so(need all the money i can get),anything considered,dont mind travelling for upto an hour,i am in coventry,cheers all.
  9. missed out the eq on previous post so, mixer eq compressor crossover amps is that the correct way,dave?
  10. hi,where does the compressor go in the chain,is it,, mixer compressor crossover amps ??????
  11. excellent,where did u find this manual,couldnt find it anywhere unless i paid a fee.
  12. hi all,im am gonna run this amp in bridge mode,for one night only,2 drive 2 yamaha 18 subs 400w each at 8ohms,connected together gives me a 4 ohm load,i understand this amp delivers 1200 in 4 ohm bridge,but where do i connect to on the back regarding terminals,do i connect to both the positives in the speaker connections,ie positve on left channel and positve on the right,or is this wrong?
  13. cheers superstar,i will look into it
  14. hi all again,ok after my tweeter blowing experience i am going to buy a compressor,although i dont no which behringer model 2 buy as they all do simular things,like have peak limiters on them,could anyone clarify i need this model?? behringer mdx 1600 autocom pro xl????
  15. ok,2 new diaphrams ordered from a nice chap a stagebeat,got a great deal,£30 sheets,including vat and delivery.
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