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  1. Excellent thread, and congrats on your 25th wedding anniversary! I am interested in the newer RCF 715a's, and I would imagine the newer series is another step forward for RCF. I hope your love for the 525's continues for years to come!
  2. lol sod headphones! How about just turning it down! I do agree tho, there's no excuse for it. I mix in my bedroom regularly but never at noise levels that would annoy my neighbours. What a selfish idiot.
  3. Hi everyone, I'm Mark and I'm a mobile DJ from Southend in Essex. Essex boy jokes are welcome, but nothing too harsh please :) I've been Mobile DJing for just over 3 years, and I've done some club work too, although I feel I still have an awful lot to learn! Thanks for reading guys, I'll see you in the forum.
  4. Quality stuff! It's always good to hear that a gig went well in less-than-great circumstances. What style(s) of music did you play to them in the end?
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