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  1. have you noticed that at some point at most gigs, you will always get approached by some whopper, armed with his pint of stella, headin towards your expensive equipment, asking the question "hey mate, have you got any decent music?" and when you answer him with something like, "of course mate what music would you like?" he never has the faintest idea, just not what you are playing at the time, he then asks, can he have a look through your music library? ha , cheeky :crap: so, you decline his kind offer, and let him on his way, to the sounds of a muttered c:cense:p, is this a widespread phem
  2. yep, with ya there kidder, but not a patch on "the pros and cons of hitch hiking" by roger waters. also, E.L.O. "Out of the blue", double l.p.was voted best a;bum cover of the year when it came out, has anyone out there got any of the old "Top of the pops" albums (vinyl)? some of them are very collectable too.
  3. MY GOD, I DONT BELIEVE IT!!!!.... Magaluf?....1985? .......Wombles? ....Smurfs?..... its a bloody small world innit? er, NO IT WASNT ME!!!! HA HA but i have done the "save your kisses for me" dance, and Russ Abott? he is regarded as a Rock God in these ere parts mate, ARRIGHT????.....oh what an atmosphere, i love a party with a la la la la la .....etc. where's that jack daniels......
  4. bee gees? abba? trammps? hang on there matey, you would think 70's rock artistes such as Joe dolce, the smurfs, and the fantastical wombles had never graced the music scene, come on now, credit where musical credit is due!!!! where would todays music scene be if "whats a matter you-hey, gotta no respect" had never been written? well? and what about todays boy bands? put a pair of white flared kecks on every member of westlife, a tartan scarf, and voila!! its the bay city rollers!!! need i go on? ....dont know theyre born....mumble...mumble...........
  5. "mister blobby! -mister blobby "the birdy song" - tweets any track from "les miserables" "mull of kintyre" -wings and finally, anything by demis roussos ok, not everyone's cup of tea, but take my word, they are absolute WINNERS , well the patients at "sunnydays" retirement home thought so,.... please yourself. ha ha
  6. having done a stint of twenty years YES! TWENTY YEARS!!! working as a mobile d.j. im back in the game after a break of five years, and im going with minidiscs, and "numark" cd system, which in the past never ever let me down, easy to use, and reliable music on demand, biult into my own designed and built transit case, very nice!!, all my music will be on disc and minidisc, all track liksted and dated, just wondering if anyone else is using a similar system, i found it very easy to use, and, im not at all comforable with laptop technology, given that if it broke down i would be absolutely lost
  7. nah mate, for a wedding we always had the bride an grooms first dance straight after the buffet, and used that to coax people up, you know, "if you would like to join your bride and groom on the dance floor, they would love to see you...." next thing you know you have twelve couples up dancing, its then that you swiftly arrange a nice round of applause, and away you go, ..... with maybe "the ace of spades".... or "smack my bitch up" ha ha only joking, but you get the idea???........maybe a smurf classic........ the birdy song?????....where am i?? NURSE??????
  8. believe it or not, its easier to gig in front of people you dont know than people you do, take my word, i have djed for 20 years and can still remember my first few gigs, terrified?? you bet i was, took me bout an hour to pluck up the courage to speak ha ha, the secret?? imagin you are in the pub, tellin a reaaly good joke to a group of your mates, all stood round you in a circle, just talk, be confident, and make eye contact with someone, and pretend you are talkin just to them, believe me it works, and music?? keep it right down the middle, until you can gage the audience, one step at a ti
  9. well im sorry but that doesnt even look like the macarena??? wouldnt have happened in my day, my motto? "if in doubt, get oops upside your head out" ha ha
  10. hi, im new to this dj forum stuff, im just gettin back into d.jing after a five year break, i was a dj for 20 years in Liverpool, and loved it, and hence im back! just in process of gettting my gear sorted again, and wondered if you or anyone could give me an indication about prices to charge, etc as when i finished mt 20 year stint we were pulling in good money for a wedding, ( we were a three man outfit), just dont want to under sell myself, thanks (i was a "wedding dj, before the term was utilised, i think ha ha ) but did any kind of adult do, anythin above 18ths, cheers, im based in widn
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