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  1. Thanks very much norty303 for taking the time to write all that out And thanks again to everyone who has taken the time to try and help Thanks again
  2. Thanks for the great info norty303 Bear with me when i try to make sense of all this tec info I am just trying to get my head around this so if i get an amp that outputs 1000watts would this be good enough? The bit that i get confused about is the @ 2ohms, 4 ohms, 6 ohms, etc i dont understand what this means, rms? I am sure this is incorrect but does it mean if i get a 1000watt amp and connect 4 speakers it will deliver 250w per speaker and if i connect 2 speakers it would deliver 500w per speaker? :) A brief explanation yet easy to understand for a newbie of what @
  3. Hello Thanks a lot for the great replies I will tell you what i have to make this a lot easier Soundlab Amp SP500 Power Output: 250w Per Channel Into 4n 150w Per Channel Intom 8n 90w Per Channel Into 16n Input Sensitivity:775mV 250W rms Into 4n Frequency Response:10 Hz-30kHz +1db Protection: Against Short Circuit,Open Circuit And DC Fault Power: 230 VAC @ 50Hz 500A Input Connectors: 2 x 6.35mm Mono Jack Plugs Output Connectors: 2 x 4-Way Speakon ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
  4. Great forum so much info its really good we have places like this to come and ask questions and learn Please to meet you all and hope to learn more Cheers
  5. Thanks for the help So if i want to stop this happening i need a bigger amp or bigger speakers? Can i turn it to as loud as it will go before the peak light comes on without doing damage to the speakers? or is that the way of the amp telling me the speakers cant take any more power? Maybe you can explain this to me why when my speakers are turned up and still sounding good the peak light is still coming on? Thanks Just to add to what i just said the mixer is within the green peak but the amp is still showing red now and then
  6. Hi Guys I have a quick question and would be grateful for your input On my amp the peak light sometimes goes red when i turn up the volume does this mean there is too much power going to it? It doesn’t always do it just flicks on for less then a second through some of the songs. If it continues to do this does it mean it would damage the amp? mixer? speakers? If i turn the bass down it seems to do it less Is this what people mean by clipping? Thanks
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