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  1. Hi all, In a bit of a predicament here. I'm off to a music festival tomorrow morning up in Glasgow and won't be back until Sunday night. The guy I had booked to cover my residency on Friday has had to pull out in the past 15 minutes. Was wondering if there is anyone here that is local(ish) to cover. Mostly chart, rock and dance. It's an easy night to be honest. For more details PM me. I really don't want to have to get the train back on Friday afternoon and then head back up to Glasgow on Saturday morning :crap:
  2. I've had a Total Control for over a year now (Only really got it because one of the clubs I had a residency at had one fitted as part of their inhouse gear, so I coud mess about at home and get used to it) Agree that the offputting thing about it is that it has no built in sound, but you can get a DJIO for quite cheap off ebay these days, which is Numark's dedicated DJ soundcard (USB) Has main mix out, monitor/cue out and a mic input (Although I've never used the mic input so I can't really comment on that) I've never used the MK4, so can't say anything about that, just wanted to let
  3. I've seen a couple of sites which offer handy tools for your site with regards to online planning for the clients. DJEventPlanner and DJIntelligence. Both come at a price, and one seems to offer more than the other at quick glance. Anyone use them? Are they worth it? Which is best in your opinion?
  4. Residency tonight I've kept tomorrow night free as Laura's folks are away for the weekend so we can spend the night together. (Yes we live with her folks lol) Meal, wine, and a couple of movies methinks. Sunday is a double bash (kind of) Meeting with my band at 4pm then we're off up to some big old manor house in Northumberland (can't remember the name off the top of my head, sorry) for a wedding. I'm DJing for a few hours before the band hits the stage at 9:30pm then I'l be DJing between sets as well. When we come offstage at about midnight our lead singer is taking over DJ d
  5. My main question about them is... If I rip the disc(s) to my external hard drive as *.VOB files and use the clipbank in VDJ to display them when a music video isn't on the screens... Will they actually dance in time to the music if I choose to beat-sync the clips?
  6. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh That's better! All sorted! Just got a couple of drivers to install and then we're all sorted and ready to rock and roll tomorrow night! Dunno what I did to knack it up!
  7. Gonna go get the laptop and sit downstairs with it to see if I can sort it out. Cheers Jason Hmmmmmmm After a bit of messing around it became apparent that the problem is not with VDJ, its the laptop somehow. I will admit that I have installed a few bits of software and various bits and bobs on it and have surfed the net quite a bit. After trying to resolve the issue my short fuse got the better of me and I've gone and formatted it. It's sat downstairs finishing off. Wish I hadn't had my last fag with my lunch lol. Gotta wait another hour for the wife to get in a
  8. My main DJ laptop is a Sony Vaio. Whilst playing at my residency I usually show videos on the screens around the venue. This is done vai the clipbank on Virtual DJ and and S-Video cable from my laptop into a a/v selector box situated in the DJ booth. It recently decided to pretty much stop working. The laptop will display on the tvs, but Virtual DJ has decided not to output full screen video. I've had to display the video in another window and manually click and drag to fill the screens. Only problem is that the video is slightly jumpy doing it this way for some reason. I have an
  9. Does anyone use the Shadow Dancers clips? http://shadowdancers.tv/ Are they any good? I'm thinking of getting a few of the DVDs but would like to know if they are worth it or just a plain waste of time. The clips on the website are pretty unhelpful (if that's even a word) I see that placing a subscription for 12 issues of Pro Mobile will net me a free copy of one of the dvds, may do that to see if they're worth it or not.
  10. Last night's 21st was a weird affair. It was at a rugby club pretty much in the middle of nowhere (so it didn't get amazingly busy) The weirdest part of the whole thing was the setup though. The venue was kind of split into 3. One end had a bigish room full of the tables and food for the party. In the middle was the bar with some tables set out. Then there was a tiny dancefloor where I had to setup. With the night being setup the way it was I found that there were very few dancers until they pulled a partition over to close off the room with the tables and ushered the punters
  11. Dunno if it's a common thing but I for one can admit that I've done that!
  12. I was speaking to a punter last night at my residency - and this is not the first one like this - who just assumed that as soon as I finish at 2am I go home and have nothing to do with DJing until I'm back behind my mixer. They were surprised that it takes so much time out of my life. Meetings with clients. Sorting through my music collection on my hard drive - a never ending task I feel! Touting for business. Researching. Do other people get the same reaction? Does everyone think we just sit around waiting for the next gig to come our way?
  13. Laura runs a local scout group and I went along one week to do some animation workshops with them. As part of my contract I was expected to take photos as evidence. The paperwork was a nightmare to get all sorted out! Mind you, that's probably just cause I'm :crap: with paperwork lol
  14. Gonna be getting my provisional license soon and when I get my full license I'll be getting a van. Unfortunately, Laura has put her foot down and said I can't get one of these... http://uk.cars.yahoo.com/29092010/36/buy-b...-100-000-0.html Saddly, even if she would let me I doubt I would get much gear in it lol. Never mind the fact that it's WAY out of my price league!
  15. My Friday and Sunday night residency is in a pub/club primarily known as a rock venue but on a Friday I play a lot of chart and Sunday a lot of dance. There's a lad I know who comes in a lot on a sunday moaning on that I should be playing indie music. Obviously if that's what the crowd are wanting on the night. He's often lectured me that I should be playing new bands (that noone has heard of) and bring them to people's attention. I will do that now and then, but the crowd that gets in on a Friday and Sunday prefer hearing things they know. Sometimes when I put a track on that not
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