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  1. Thanks everyone for the advice. I think this is possibly the way to go - had never heard of 'damping factor' so this particularly useful. Will start searching for a suitable amp but on a budget so may need to go second-hand.
  2. Hi, I have read the pinned article on buying amps and speakers but am still a little confused. At present I have 2 x Peavey Messenger Pro 12's 250w rms 9 (rated 4 ohms) run from a phonic power pod 740 plus mixer amp 220w per channel at 4ohms. I wish to add 2 x Peavey Pro Sub MK2 subwoofers 300w at 4 ohms. Because my power pod is also my mixer I am fairly sure I will need to run my subwoofers from a different amp (via line out from the mixer/amp). What power amount would be suitable for these subwoofers? 200w at 4 ohms or maybe 250w at 4ohms per channel or would I need to go the whole hog to
  3. Hi! Everyone. Just a brief introduction. A complete newbie I am setting up mobile disco/karaoke in the Leeds, West Yorkshire area for private party work as my full time job won't allow me to work a residency. Looking forward to hearing from all you experienced (and not so experienced) jocks out there and learning from your experience (mistakes) and perhaps contributing where I can.
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