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  1. :joe: Thanks for all the conflicting replys fellas,,,, ha ha it still doesnt seem a good idea to me, too uneasy about it, oh well no more requests til summer i suppose, anyway ive got a friday saturday residency now so i wont need to bother for a while i wouldnt really advise to do it although if you can get 150 for 30 mins work then get on to that...ha ha
  2. I recently booked then unbooked a gig, because he said it was in his front garden, in a really posh neighbourhood in liverpool. ive done one before and i was uneasy fact is how legal are these gigs and are the kops likly to take your gear away if you do one.
  3. Thanks for the info fellas, the main culprit was kids though, i think they turned it up while i went the toilet, the little swines were all over the stage at a christening.......dont know what they did, didnt think they could blow it though so ...,......also i wont buy rhino cheap spleakers again, think ive been ripped off personally, crossover shouldnt blow so easily, i always keep the red lights off
  4. also he said it could have been because i didnt have my volumes on my amp right up to maximum. is he lying
  5. My crossover unit has blown in the speaker, i work on a 300W rms system and the speakers are perfectly matched but the retailer says the coil has completly blown and its not his fault who is in the right, can yoof u overdrive something which is matched in terms of power, i am confused, he wants 70 pounds and the speakers are only bought in august. any help would be greatly appreciated, as im skint.
  6. I now stronly hint with my pre-day letter to the client, that the dj needs paying within 30 minutes of his arrival to avoid any apprehension, only one person has left it till the buffet of late, it seems to work a treat the only time i had to wait was when working for green king, who decided not to pay me for 2 months, i did eventially get all my money back though.
  7. Liverpool is a city which is underpopulated, so its heaven to drive in, overeared a man from brum saying he was amazed it took 5 mins to get in city centre and he could easily park Birmingham is a nightmare, its just too busy and that m6 is a joke but speedbumps are a pain i admint, they are probably responsible for 50% of audio fauls, and we should have magic keys that make them retract when we carry audio equipment.
  8. people of the age of 60 odd always ask for 60's my question is what are the perfect songs to play to these people obviously motown, anybody got any ideas or lists for this era.
  9. i recently worked for Green king, one of the biggest pub chains i think, i was going through a big agenhiscy out o blackpool (cant remember the name now), anyway......we all need some tips on how to work for them and keep working for them, anyway this pub was a flamous football pub by anfield called the cabbage, and basically it was usually dead on a sunday...too many louts about the area at night i think, people are too scared to go out in some areas i think, i think you can get away with things with some bigger chains maybe...like doing nights when nobody wants to come out, becuase they are
  10. ive got one se book left....give up with them , your probably better off using no plastic, and just accept that theyre gonna get messed upl. a couple of sleaves between them or even cheap college type folders with the clips taped so they cant open them,,,,,the pencil idea sounds good.
  11. cheers juksey and robster, great information, i will have to do some legwork regarding agents, and learn some songs , i was thinking about this, i usually just read from my karaoke cues, but you do start to learn records, chasing cars i seem to know and yellow. I do not know the 30s 40s but i do find it great fun learning and singing them old eras, youve got to have a way about you to pull off the bratpack, but i aint got a day job so i can reherse easily enough, i will let you all know how i get one.....the wife has suggested singing lessons, now my voice is good, but everybody could do
  12. Whats the point in having a light if you cant point it at the dancefloor, the only solution for me would to be to point it directly over their heads, is this what they do nowdays.
  13. great info jason and jim, i may reconsider getting one if the beam is split up and not as powerful, still got to follow them awkward regs though.
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