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    i like all music and i like technology so ive been djing for about 4 years :D<br />im also a audioholic :)
  1. hey the peavey pro subs do the job. they are good in small-medium venues and ive heard a lot of positive stuff about them, for the price you cant go wrong. were you looking for active or passive subs?? :hphone:
  2. the bose L1 looks really good. have you just got one L1 speaker there or 2. surely it would be mono if you just have one unless bose have done something to make it stereo?? how much power does it put out? your setup looks brilliant, as always :pro: :photo:
  3. the only 2 mistakes ive ever made is. -ejecting the wrong cd -announceing the wrong song title over the mic :S
  4. yeah i guess it would be a good idea for smaller venues when im in a smaller venue instead of taking my 15" tops i take a smaller 12" pair of tops as you dont really need much in small venues
  5. i run virtual dj but if that fails i have cds and a numark dual cd player mounted in my rack i have a backup amp and a backup mixer and loads of spare leads and stuff like that
  6. yes i will keep the levels nice,i do live sound also so i know about getting the balences between freqencys etc... right and i will keep my mixer tapping into 0dB. yeah ill defo do a video giglog!
  7. the system dosent look too bad they have about 3-6 img stageline plastic 12" or 15" speakers which should be ok. and im gonna try and see if i can go and hear the system before the event, this will probably be possible. thanks :)
  8. hey guys just took a booking for a 30th birthday in july and the venue has a in-house sound system. have any of you ever had to use a in-house sound system, what sould i do because it says in the terms and conditions for the venue: 27. All music equipment i.e. disco equipment, microphones etc. MUST be connected to the in-house sound system/speakers but im worried that the in-house sound system isnt going to sound as good as my system. is there a way round using there in-house system? thanks patrick :)
  9. hey guys i need your help here. i want to get a new subwoofer and i decided i want to go for an active subwoofer. my 2 choices are 1 samson db 1800a 1000w 18" powered sub - ive used 2 of these for live sound before and they are really exellent. 2 studiomaster vpx15 600w 15" powered subs they look good and they are a nice price. my problem is what sub/s would be better for mobile work the samson one drops to 20hz and it has a nice high pass crossover that you can set via a frequency sweep control on the back. but the studiomasters look nice and i could get 2 of
  10. york house, stony stratford in milton keynes. in the performers area they have a noise limiter unit with a bar graph display up high on the wall coming from that they have a reset switch lower down. its a nice venue but the noise limiter is VERY sensitive if you drag a chair along the floor or drop something it makes he first few greens light up. i couldnt play the system very loud because its very sensitive people still enjoyed the evening though. 30 people singing happy brithday and cheering does manage to make the 'over limit' lights come on. and i couldnt cover up
  11. powered mixers are alright would be better to use an amp and a separate mixer... what are you using it for? the change from 4 ohm to 8 ohm will be automatic, the amp will sense i the speaker is 4 or 8 ohms the lower the ohmerage the wattage tou can achieve but you can only get 4 ohms but connecting 2 4 ohm cabinets to the power mixer or by linking 2 8 ohm cabinets together for each side hope ive made sence :)
  12. hi guys i have a hercules dj control mp3 controller with vdj 3 console edition i want to upgrade to the hercules steel and vdj 5 console edition but i need to know how id set it up so i can use headphone previewing here it is http://www.hercules.com/uk/DJ-Music/bdd/p/...duct_min_config so i need to know what id need and how id setup headphone previewing and the main output to go into the actual dj mixer with this system hope you get what i mean cheers :hphone:
  13. :welcome: hi carl welcome to the dju forums
  14. :dukesy: ill say have some dance offs theyve gone down pretty well at gigs ive done for that age group
  15. hi guys so i got my peavey pro 15s hooked up to my new amp which is a kam kxr1000 the speakers are 4 ohm cabinets and they are getting 500w each the speakers are 300w rms 600w program and 1200w peak each i was told 500w per channel is fine for those speakers but i was wondering where do i set the attenuation controls on the amp because i know i have headroom. im happy with my pa setup though i did a gig recently in a medium sized hall for about 100 kids it was a school disco and the system did well had plenty of headroom. ill shut up now my question was where should i set the atte
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