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  1. love it or hate it i bet this (yolanda cool and we speak no americano) will be as big as riverside was. again love it or hate it track.
  2. no typo just shows my inexperience in this field ,!!! had heard very good reports about beringer. but from my clubing days 95 to02 i remember crown being outstanding. .hey we all learn something new every day. hi nik i agree good idea . have a pv800 ready to hire, for collection friday afternoon 25 for the weekend thought that was not to bad a deal. but the site is here to help and advise so in hindsite should have checked here first.
  3. hi guys firstly many thanks for al the good advice much appreciated. currently the amps i have are a gemini ppx 1300 @ the repair shop ( prayin they can fix it), a more than useless synergy2 x100w, and a intergrated awia amp that i had to try and get by with last weekend in conjuction with the synergy. not good i know!!! . i have had my head burried in ebay for the last few days, would love to get a crown or beringer, but money restricts, so have been looking at gemini,citronic and c.mark,as i have heard reasoable reports about these makes. Have reallised that buying amps on ebay has its r
  4. hi all i have been looking for a amp to run 4 x 15" soundlab 500w full range speakers and 2 x 12" boost 250w speakers, the later i am not to sure about can not get much info on them apart from on the bass speaker is a little white stick man emblem with the word boost above it, got them from a auction as a job lot of gear ..my quandry is i dont have a lot to spend and i think i need a amp that is putting out something over 1500w. i have seen that maplin are doing a pro sound 1400w amp for 149 but guessing its cant be that good for that sort of money. but if it lasts me a year while i am earning
  5. hi all joined last month just getting round to introducing myself, I started dj'ing as a hobby many years ago.and after running a pub for a year and doing the warm up sets for our regular dj, i was getting quite a few compliments and people asking me to play at there partys etc. A year later i have all my own kit and enough to do 2 gigs in one night and a few dj's that help out , all this while still running my own gardening business which i have run for the last six years, which i can promise you has knackerd me out. so will be giving it up to concentrate fully on discos . we currently have
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