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  1. Impossibleds seem to do the trick ok I have been using for a couple of years and no probs A lot of light with a couple of units along with a couple of lasers looks fine in large & small rooms
  2. :welcome: Along and Snap We are the Oasis Disco Based In Ripley Derbyshire' As far as i know there is now 5 of us with the same name and all have been trading over 15 years :dukesy: as long as we are all good at what we do i suppose it doesn't matter how many share it. Good luck & all the best Jay
  3. Looking for other Discos in Derbyshire for networking Mainly weddings large shows with clean equipment' Must be to a high standard with years of experience' Good on a mic Talented Descent honest trustworthy people only' Please send p.m or details below
  4. Was told to be at our local family club to start at 7.30 for the doors opening at 7.30 so i set in the afternoon and arrived at quarter past 7' There was a que down the road so i thaught it was going to be a good night' When we got inside the back way i was shocked the club already had full capacity and the steward had opened early at 7 so the place was rammed all night with a great atmosphere. Made me quite pleased as i have done it for the last 5 years on nye :dukesy:
  5. Midlands have an average of 350.00 for NYE I Know this as i spent quite a bit of time ringing around for quotes Most were 300 to 400 one was asking for 1200 although he said he would do it for 1k cash lol ;thumbdown:
  6. Here we go then what bugs me is shouting the singer up when they are outside having a fag then they come back in & say youv'e missed me out when u have shouted them up 10 times in a space of 20 mins When they tell you to turn it up when they are totally P$$ed and they can't sing anyway' They tell you the systems crap when no one clapps them and they are pants[i always sing after them to show them the system is fine] When they sing with the mike at there stomach and also when they shout down it' When they slam the mikes down after singing' Best one has to be the ones that say were
  7. How Much $299 Dollar per glove Think i'll stick some marigolds and an extension lead onto my Clusters :joe: Rave On Yol
  8. I always charge more for stairs unless it's a january/Febuary booking I'd climb 5 sets for a descent wager in these months' Forget the big bins though' I usually pay a roadie 35 a night & Kebab :crap: Thats the nearest to a kebab i could find :moon:
  9. I Lost 1'600 worth due to the snow in the last 2 weeks and it's just missed us this week :xmas:
  10. Scary wind last night the Marquee at our Hotel was blowing that hard that i had to move the rig foreward about 4 feet' the marquee is screwed down really well' Although caretaker did a check at the end of the night and a lot of supports had bent on one side ' Don't really want to be in there when it's like that but iv'e got another 8 Nights to do' Hope that the Marquee company comes & Sort it out today' All though had a fantastic night and all the Guests were drunk so they didn't really mind.
  11. I too have had a bit of a disaster with 1 of my hotels 8 Bookings cancelled in the week leaving fri sat & sun along with a couple of thursdays where they have had to combine and put 3 nights punters into 1 due to snow and recession. The Party Numbers for the weekend are also a little lower than last year :damn: :wall: better luck next year i suppose.
  12. Still love the impossibled's Fill most rooms a little boring after watching them every night although they are a lot of light for a little money Good fillers though and look great with lasers
  13. :thanks: Jon That's what i was hoping to hear the manager has now given me a pay increase to make my money the same as what it was and he has also informed me that they do the payroll for Yates's as well so i now know this is a well established company' Iv'e also landed another regular night as-well as 1 of the Dj's has last night handed the notice in --- So so far so good' Same as u say theyr'e not huge money earners But they are stable and keep the food coming in if times get hard' The nights i have now are Fri & Sunday regular so it still leaves good old Saturday to make Bonus Money.
  14. Hi Does anyone do any work through Event Uk as they have just taken over the Payment system for Barracuda and Smith & Jones Pubs Clubs along with the rest of the chain' I always said that i would never work for the agents again after 1 went Bankrupt on me years ago' Saying that u can't tar all with the same brush' If u have Good News about them Please post here or if it's a negative Please send me a P.M :thanks: Jay
  15. You only really need 2 Impossis to fill a massive room They are an excellent light for the money' Although watching the same thing every night does get a bit boring' I usually heve 1 on the ceiling and on lowered and they fill any space' Used these for over a year now and there non the worse for wear.
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