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  1. Thanks for the advice that is very helpful, My friend is a mobile dj and electrician who has built speakers and old skool light boxes in the past and on the plus side is willing to fit the stuff for me and thinks the cabs I have are worth modifying so I think its worth a gamble, Thanks again
  2. They are screw on 1.3/8 thread piezo and I think there 10cm diameter if that makes sense, They are cheapo speakers I know but they have served me well since binning the skytec 15" speakers that were in them for the eminence ones. Now Im looking to simply fit comp drivers to sort that side out, But searching for drivers and x-overs is getting a bit confusing as theres so much choice and difference in price. Thanks for the replies.
  3. Hi, Im not to happy with the sound from my speakers, There using 15" emminence speakers which im happy with but I feel the piezo horns that were fitted from new may be letting them down, Im contemplating fitting compression drivers and crossovers but I really dont know too much about them, does anyone have any advice? I dont want to buy new speakers yet as I simply cant afford them just now.
  4. DJSFX

    What Would You Do?

    I always try and play a mix of music to sort all ages and most tastes and Ive not had any bad reports yet, The booking is through a friend of a friend so I would think he would know my usual style, Dance music is to my personal taste so I cant imagine his music is anything Ive not already got, Theres not many nights when you can play mostly dance but this might be different, If the crowd dont respond to his choice I feel I will need to change it a bit as some might be future customers?
  5. DJSFX

    What Would You Do?

    Hi, I've taken a booking for end feb, Its a boys 21st, He phoned me last night to book and asked if " I could play his music?" When I asked what it was he told me it was club mixes of tunes, I welcome requests but in the past when your handed lists half the stuff dont work and nobody dances, So you change it and the person starts asking for there songs again?, He says it is alot of music and he is bringing a memory stick of tunes. My plan is to play some of his and mix it depending on the crowd reaction,What would you do?.
  6. Hi, A friend of a friend was asking about virtual dj and asked if home edition was any good? I didnt know but when I had a look it seems ok as long as you dont use a controller to mix, Does anyone know if its stable enough to use in a mobile situation as I might be interested myself but at £32 alarm bells tend to ring
  7. I have not really bought much from them in the past but I got a catalogue in over the festive that got me thinking about that light package. Thanks for the replys I apreciate it
  8. those elfin flowers have Total power consumption of 4w, does this have anything to do with output? the higher the better sort of thing?
  9. Thanks, Ive had the same thoughts, I think I will carry on with what Im using just now and build a better set up in time
  10. I have looked at tube vids but it doesnt give you any idea of coverage in hall situations Thanks
  11. I just moved to digital the back end of last year so still not totally confident in it but what I have done is bought 2 320gig iomega external hard drives that I keep identical they were £45 each from tesco direct this may not be what your looking for but it works for me
  12. Hi all, Im looking for advice on lighting, I want to update my lighting and get rid of my light screen and I was thinking of this from Maplin http://www.maplin.co.uk/Module.aspx?ModuleNo=342498 for £70 you get 2 elfin flowers and a t bar light stand, then I was going for 2 Kam colourbanks to fill the stand The thing holding me back is the elfin flowers, has anyone used or seen these in action? Im happy to buy the kam banks as a friend has a set. Thanks J
  13. BEP - I Got a feeling D Guetta - Sexy chick
  14. I am also thinking about getting a set of these lights, Would they be bright enough on there own stand along with a light screen and spot lights? this is the cheapest price I have found http://www.solotechnic.co.uk/acme-super-no...ack-i27472.html but are they worth it? thanks
  15. I used the back up drive at 3 gigs at the weekend so im convinced all is now ok, how do I view hidden items? thanks
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