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  1. yup, job cancelled by me. Client understood. Glad to be staying in tonight as they are forecasting more snow and ice. :joe:
  2. Shall I or shan't I ??? Well there's lots of snow outside and I have a gig tonight. Not quite sure if I can make it there and with -8 forecast tonight even less certain if I can make it back. I can either give it a go or try to cancel. I will probably ring the client today but there's the risk thay they won't cancel on me because they don't want to lose their deposit, and wait and see if I cancel. Not bothered about the money frankly. What would you guys do?? :joe:
  3. Come to mention it, Goodparty have stopped sending me notifications... funny as I havent changed any settings... :joe:
  4. I manage to get rid of my hiss by not turning on the equipment... :joe:
  5. Looks like you're using Weebly as host? Have you filled in all of their tag forms too on the admin page ? I also understand your traffic goes up the more links to your website are placed on other websites. So go to as many free directories / forums as you can and register your details and over time that should help increase traffic. As daft as it may sound you could create some more free weebly sites (Google will recognise simple cut and pastes and ignore those so make sure they are at least slightly different) and make your own cross references. Seing as you are paying an annual sub
  6. I have had one for a year and recommend it. I'll just focus on the negatives which are not in the literature.....!!! It's impossible to combine CDG sets with normal music as the changeover between CDG and normal music (CD's, mp3 etc) takes ages and needs a quite a few buttons pushing. You have to keep your karaoke sets separate and then play some tunes on a secondary piece of equipment while changing over. There is also a bug in the system that simultaneously starts your connected pc playing tunes when operating CDG. It's irritating but not insurmountable. It can be quite
  7. Good point. Just a minor correction though, VAT isnt cumulative. It is only charged on the added value at each stage of manufacture/distribution/retail so thel increase will be limited to 2.5 percentage points. An item costing £117.50 will soon cost £120.00 representing an actual increase of 2.9% :joe:
  8. Teez


    Anyone else using CD Pool?? What's the feedback??? Do they miss out any key tracks??? :joe:
  9. Point of order here chaps.. When I say I was playing my system full blast, it was within the design limitations of the system. There was no sound distortion whatsoever... so, in other words...... it was Quality AND Quantity. I agree Bass on many of the current stuff is important but the limit isnt the crowd it's the structure of the room you are in. I find the limitation is often to do with the mechanical resonance, even sometimes the wooden floors themselves. But hey I'm no scientist. :joe:
  10. Good point Slimboy, one which I forgot to mention and that is you are more able to play the music you want to. (as long as the punters enjoy it of course) No complaints from fee paying customers or requests for 'Puff The Magic Dragon' which I was forced to play recently !!! (Best way to clear a dancefloor!) :joe:
  11. That's all right Robster, no need to worry. The best bit is not just the volume, it's when a procession of teenagers from another generation come up to you at the end of the evening and tell you what a great set of tracks were played. :joe:
  12. I agree, I would never last two minutes as a punter, but that's what these kids wanted. I did wear my earphones most of the time
  13. Don't forget There's A Ghost In My House - R. Dean Taylor Um, Um, Um, Um, Um, Um, Um - Major Lance Picture Me Gone - Evie Sands Seven Days Too Long - Chuck Wood Shake A Tail Feather - James & Bobby Purify (or Blues Brothers, Tina Turner) Stop Her On The Sight (S.O.S) - Edwin Starr Tainted Love - Gloria Jones (they will associate with Soft Cell) Wade In The Water - Ramsey Lewis Trio (again newbies will go ooh I know that one) What'd I Say - Ray Charles These are all A* tracks! Plenty more if you need them :joe:
  14. All my previous venues have been halls, hotels, bars, marquees etc etc with 'sensible' sound limits. Last night I did an 18th birthday party gig in a very large pub hall on the edge of town. Most of the guests and management and staff were all in their twenties so used to clubbing etc. For the first time I played my speakers at full blast for the last hour. Not something I've ever needed to do but the crowd were enjoying my house mixes and one thing led to another. Ears bled, plaster fell of the ceiling, gaffer tape started to melt etc etc you get the picture. After closing wit
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