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  1. Yeah tried that already, but thanks anyway. Doesn't show, and manufacturer didn't understand the question cos they posted an extract from the manual.
  2. Hi everyone, glad to be here and glad to (soon) be behind my CD decks once again. Done it twice before in the past with great success, and enjoyed it, despite the hard work and meagre income (after all the outgoings are paid!) So glad to be here, and looking forward to submitting topics, etc. I'm a CD jock using Numark kit with Citronic and Kool Sound speakers, and Thommen amps. Various lights (acme, martin, etc.) and usual setup. Should be ready to go in next week or so, once various last bits get done. I seem to be hemoraging money getting setup ... painful ... :welcome:
  3. I've always thought a PPL license (if you're playing original CDs only, i.e. no PCs, DVDs, etc.) was enough, irrelative of what they've got. For pubs, etc. they are supposed to have a PRS license themselves, but as far as covering your ar$e is concerned - I was under the distinct impression the PPL was enough (about £135 the last time I looked)
  4. I want to gauge whether I'm overloading a mains socket, by adding up all the bits plugged into my trailing 4-way extension. I understand the combined wattage shouldn't exceed 3100 watts (or thereabouts). However, it's not clear what power-wattage an amp will draw from the mains point - is it the same as the power it's kicking out (sound wise) and if not - then how do I find out either way? Confused as always, Chris.
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