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  1. VJ let PCDJ (USA) use it's base platform for PCDJ VJ which is why it's virtually the same although PCDJ have lost the licence and there will be no further update to PCDJ VJ. VJ 7 is fantastic and so far very stable Tractor is good and cheaper at the moment but will not do video Download VJ you can have a full home version free so you can have a play! :pizza:
  2. Both PCDJ-VJ & VJ are basically the same Platform, THe issue is that there will not be any improvements to the PCDJ version as it is no longer licensed, This is a shame as I prefer the PCDJ skin than the VJ one, OTS is ok but doesn't seem to have as many features. I would have a play with all three. PCDJ also have a bespoke Karaoki Program which seems quite good. Good Luck!
  3. Having used both on a couple of occasions now- I would say the Sunfly has the edge over Intimidation ones, alot less feeback and a good range, Although there are UHF Intimidation ones for £150 which are supposed to be even better DJDJ
  4. OK so having got rid of my Revo 4 I needed something to go with my Impossibled and came accross this Chauvet Lighting Linedancer 4-channel DMX-512 LED effect light Individual control of red, green and blue LEDs Variable speed of motor Built-in automated programs via master/slave or DMX Built-in sound activated programs via master/slave or DMX http://www.chauvetli...dancer-led.html A different take on the Led Dot system producing coloured lines instead of circles, The unit is not as bright as I would have liked as it only has 72 LEDs. But at only £120 this has
  5. Ok So I am doing alot more Karaoke these days and like wirless Microphones better than wired ones, I bought some not to long ago - http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=26082&hl= but thought I'd try something a little different! http://www.sunflykar...fly-Wi_Mic.aspx I was surprised by how good these things are, OK for £100 A PAIR, They may not be the best in the world but the sound quality and range is very good! The mics run on 2 AA batteries and are a little lighter than I would have expected, They each have Dipswitch arangement near the battery so that you
  6. I have a Maya card in my 00DJ, You should be able to set it up via the CFG optionds on the PCDJ software you are using, goto pcdj and download relevent drivers from there!
  7. There was one on display at NADJ show- it looked good but would be better if it came complete with a stand
  8. I was tasked to clear alot of 78's when my local Hospital Radio closed, I'm afraid unless they are in mint condition and rare they are not worth a great deal.
  9. Google Street Maps now cover 99% of the country-- I think this is a fab addition to the Google Maps page, as you can get to street level, Good for seeing what a place looks like before you have to go!
  10. Use my Quad alot, Big Unit nice room fill but not over exciting in its patterns- Impossibled is a good unit the revo 4 not as good but different effects- I Have just got some QTX flat Par cans so will let you know what they are like.
  11. Intimidation iTrans-V2 Twin Hand Held VHF Radio Mic System £60 Ok, The good. Nice weight, decent sound and seem quite well put together. Bad The on off switch slides left to right and is a bit Fiddley Ugly Mute Switch directly Under the On off Switch which goes up and down (Just to confuse drunk singers) Good Budget Microphone for Karaoke use, TECH SPECS: Dual wireless microphone <LI>VHF <LI>On/off switch <LI>Independent Input level control <LI>Dual balanced XLR output connectors <LI>Dual 6.3mm (1/4") jack output connectors <LI>battery p
  12. Stick to MP3 but why dont you just file transfer from Laptop to Laptop this will save a lot of time! I use a Trust USb to USB Data tranfer cable Simples!
  13. I have a Both a Impossibled and just bought a REVO4, The revo has a better range of patterns but the Impossibled is a better room filler!
  14. Hi, My names Dave I have been a DJ for over 20 years (Started when I was 5 LOL) I use PCDJVJ on a OODJ with a Denon Controller and Mixer Welcome to my world :thanks:
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