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  1. Hi Proel as a few people have commented are very good i use the stage series
  2. like the old twister with constant rotating gogo colours, wait a bit until they are seperate wheels. reasonably bright though at a price point
  3. Hi All, I am new to the forum and i must say i have been reading some of the posts concerning the d2 and feel i must also post on here. I purchased a D2 director in April 2008 the Maunfactuer date of the D2 is Jan 07. I brought the D2 after some of my fellow DJ collegues / friends said they had one and had been using it for some time and they loved it. I am a mobile dj and have always used cds so when i got the D2 i thought it was a BRILLIANT bit of kit it saves so much time and effot carrying in cd cases and also searching for songs . . . . . . However there seems to be
  4. I used source z-30 bubble stream for friends wedding when coming out of church looks brilliant on the photographs only used it otherwise for kids parties. Messy on a wooden floor seems ok on carpet. Hope this helps
  5. dj_craigb

    Crewe Hall

    Well guys anyone live near the cheshire area be aware that crewe hall is difficult to get in and out of you have to go through the kitchen and into a service life so leave yourselves plenty of time to set up. http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html//emoticons/thanks.gif
  6. Hi Folks i am currently using 4x lightscreens and they a pain in the ass to carry in and out all of the time, thinkin off down sizing a little and gettin either a 1. Zoom Deck Skirt 2. Thomann Showtek 3x 2m led curtain. Can anyone advise if they have one also are they and good or do they look cheesy. Thanx
  7. First of all my friend welcome to the world of dj'in. When i first started out i was the kind of person who bought 1 of everything. I would now looking back advise against this as ' your show ' will not look symetrical and i personally feel this always looks better. When buying lighting you need to decide what sort of effects you require and then obviously look at your budget. I know people have advise the source samuria etc before but honestly (and it's only my humble opinion) once you split a beam of light onto a prism you loose a lot of the power ( agreed you do get more coverage but di
  8. Hi All, Just advising on the deck stands. For a Dj it really is the best money you'll ever spend: - 1, If you are working at a venue with no tables you need a deck stand. 2, Look more professional than a table 3, Easy to Set-Up and Take Down I would personally recommend the ultimax version having used the giraffe stand and the ultimax one, (the giraffe one is very wobbly once set up) Ultimax comes in different lengths 1.2m (4 foot) 1.6m & 1.7m the top bar is the same i think regardless of the worktable length. Only one word of advise if you are going down the route of t
  9. Dont use the Moving Heads used to have the stairville ones which as mentioned before are the mv-250 same as prolights and i solution all made by acme. Got rid of them for the SC-250 from thomann Scanners I Rock units and also the Logo II's (similar to evl spin)
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