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    Enjoy everything to do with Music.... I'm a musician at heart, I play Piano, Guitar and Drums as well as sing! <br /><br />I love everything to do with PC's and the web... and I'm an avid website builder.
  1. I have to admit... me and my kids entertainer used GBBO a while back to get him a basic website. I have to say... the sites they create for you ... are shocking! You can transfer the domain after 90 days to someone else... and it's done via the BT control panel. I would only use GBBO to get a free domain if I'm honest with you.
  2. Sorry for the late reply... but thought I would add my advice... With regards to the actual domain... it doesn't matter if it's a .uk domain or a .com domain!! Hell, you can get a .co ... or a .in ... or a .net... or whatever.... What matters is two things! As Jason mentioned.... if you are aiming at the UK market... ensure your HOSTING IS IN THE UK!!! This decreases site load times which google likes! Another benefit is... if you get a problem, you can get in touch with the hosting company! Most of all... ensure your SEO is tailored to your industry and
  3. BotleyCrew... You're just up the road from me and a few other DJ's.... Not sure if you've heard about the network nights we run in Southampton and Portsmouth... but if you want to ping me over your email I'll keep you posted I've just managed to get my head around DMX ... to a certain degree. I would be more than happy to pop over to you and spend a few hours helping you out It also gives me a chance to check out the lights as I'm thinking of buying my own instead of hiring all the time! :)
  4. Don't forget, if you call your mobile operators customer services from your mobile phone on that network ... If you are on contract, it's free!!!! :wall: :wall: :wall: They provide you with a short dial numbers like orange, o2 and all the others do. Orange is 450 or 150... or something like that I know o2 is 100 and I think Three is.... 333 or 100 .... Also, you have the option of finding a standard landline number if you want : http://www.saynoto0870.com/search.php I personally recommend o2........ been with them years, never had a problem :)
  5. Not sure if I'm allowed to post this but.... As Jason said, I do offer hosting services and compared to many of the larger companies I'm a hell of a lot cheaper. You have complete control and access to your domains and hosting and I don't restrict access to your DNS or Mail servers. Prices start from £9.99 a YEAR!! Also... I've created a discount code for DJU members.... djuoffer - it will give you £5 off the silver and gold packages! As I generally only sell web hosting by word of mouth, I've set up a basic site where you can register and purchase hosting. w
  6. Indeed... automation is completely optional :) You can either use the " Request Info " form... which takes the details you need/require/want and from there you contact the customer to do the sale ... (incidentally, the request info feature stores them ready for you incase the booking comes off and you can easily put them into your system without having to retype) ..... or you can give an INSTANT quote and automated booking service online. The choice is completely up to you :) The one thing all my clients have loved is the "client area"... which allows them 'complete' control o
  7. Hiya, As the UK Support and Sales rep for DJEventPlanner I'm a little biased... however I originally was just a user and still am! I signed up for the trial and within 2 weeks I decided to become a paying member. Since signing up for DJEP I found work increased almost over night.... Quotes would come in, and I would chase... and found more people were happier to book as they could see I was transparent and fair with my pricing. I had tried other packaged but found DJEP the most easiest to use and setup. I won't go into all the differences between DJEP and DJI as I'll be here all
  8. Sorry to bring up an old thread..... but just wanted to let you know the i frame method no longer works thanks to Microsoft ! Sorry
  9. Ohhhh Dukesy, You've given me a great idea for a Horror Movie! :)
  10. While I agree with DJ's are usually the redcoats I don't really see that as a bad bad thing ......... If it wasn't for Butlins I would never of become a DJ. I use to DJ in Jaks Nightclub, and the main centre stage and learnt very very quickly from my mistakes! (Trust me, some chavvy fat bird from brighton comes over and starts on you, you learn!! LOL) The in house systems back when I was a Red.. were simple dual CD players, a quick crossfadeer and a book of CD's !! We were given no training about which music to put on, about when to fade... nothing... Nowadays, it's all computers a
  11. Mankini??? The size of me wouldn't fill one... I'd have to wrap it around me twice! It's their first time at a UK show... in the US they wear suits to conventions (I've seen the pics ) I think ... trousers and smart shirt (perhaps a deep purple )!! You guys are right, image is everything and as I'm the Front man I don't want to look like a tramp like I usually do :)
  12. The other option I thought of was.... Black Trousers and a shirt.... no tie, perhaps a jacket if needed.
  13. Hi guys, I've got a bit of a problem and need some outsider advice... With BPM around the corner, I've been asked to represent an american company who produce a well known event planning program (Not mentioning any names to avoid advertising) Anyway, I'm there for ALL 3 days.........!! Looking at past pictures of BPM I can see most people are very casual in their attire, including the traders. The guys I'm representing think I should wear a suit.... I'm not so sure this is a good idea and might put people off coming over to chat to me!! What do you guys think
  14. Using the original one... upto 16.... Using jasons one.... upto 18 :)
  15. Ok..... so I'm a little confused ( could be because of lack of sleep ) But if the forum continuing on ?? Or is that being closed too??? Just curious as I love it on here! :) and Ive got a bit confused as to whether it's continuing ??
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