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  1. Tks a mill, I am actually attening the party and didnt want to get involved in actually DJing so suggested I would have back ground music. Appreciate your help, this should do the trick. :Thumbup:
  2. Hi lads, I am attending a party SAT night and a friend wanted me to put a party mix on the IPOD, they are pluggin it into the house system in the bar. I will do the playlist on Itunes but does anyone know how to set the playlist up so it fades into songs etc, no Gaps. Just so it's seemless.
  3. Thanks all for your kind advice...!!
  4. Sorry, should have given more details on first post. See below... NUMARK CD-MIX I Numark CD-MIX I, Double-CD Player and DJ MIXER 2 x Phono/Line, 1x Mic & 2 x CD, Out: Main / Rec-out, 2 x Phones 1/4" Jack, Faderstart, Headphone out, CD PLAYER: Jogwheel, Pitch (+/- 6/12%), Cue-Point, programm, continuos play, dimensions 445x255x175 (BHT) MILLENIUM SLS300 LICHTSTATIV Millenium SLS300 Show Stand I Alu, Quickly mounted - it's really easy, including 3 m cross section, Ideal for mobile discos, individual entertainers, ... Extendable with additional cross sections, Max. carry
  5. Full mobile dj set up, only 2.5 years old and still like new. selling due to personal reasons. numark cdmixii, amp, speakers, 4 powerful lights, mic, stand etc etc. please contact me for full details either my email or phone. will also include all leads, back up cd/mixer. ideal for anyone starting up or upgrading.
  6. Hi - I have just posted a similar request. Any chance you could give me a copy of your playlist so I can work with you on it? Or any tips.....
  7. Hi lads, I am doing a 21st Sat 13th with an 80's theme. It's fancy dress and for a crown of approx 100, they expect 150 but you know yourself. I have asked her if she just wants 80's all night. What do you guys reckon, mix it with chart/party of just go with the 80's considering the theme. I know there have been topics on this but just looking for some advice. I have a good bit of 80's but 4 - 5 hours of 80's...it could struggle!
  8. I have CDMIXII adn yes it does have problems ready some of the pro mixed CD's or some copies but generally it is a super bit of stuff...never let me down and rarely skips...even on CD's that have been used millions of times. Highly recomend it and the auto fader is a great little cheat.
  9. Sorry for taking so long on this one. Had a great gig, again it took a while to get going. Always after the speeches and cake/21 kisses etc it only kicks in but the crowd were great and the build up music went well. I would 100% suggest that you always keep at the floor for requests as I found it guided me well into the next set. Mainly 80% of a young crowd so a lot of chart and some cheeze. Now 2 of the girls that were at it want me to do theirs, a joint one and an 80's theme where they are dressing up etc. I've never done that and would be very weiry and nervous about a themed 21st? Any thou
  10. 21st in a local club bar...looking forward to it. Song to play....JEDWARD Only messin but that could happen. On a serious note, song to play Chelsea Dagger!
  11. Thanks lads :Thumbup: That really helps to know I am not alone. I really enjoy the gigs once they get into the thick of the night...last 2 hours or so. I will be back on Mon to let you know how things went, all good to report as usual I am sure.
  12. Lads, I have been doing DJ work for 3-4 years part time now..mainly birthdays and special occasions and would class myself as a good party DJ. I always get nervous for gigs even though I am prepared Anybody have any tips? I have 21st SAT night in our local club and I will know most of the crowd there so it has potential to be a cracker and I want to really look forward to it without thinking too much. Any thoughts? I am a part timer so have a day job and I find myself thinking about how the night will go but it never goes the way you think or plan out?
  13. Cheers Gar, that's perfect. To be honest, I knw it's gonna be cracker gig as I will know most of the crowd there. However I just want to have a guideline in front of me as usual for my gigs. Havent done a 21st in a while. I want to try and keep the first 2-3 hours quite upbeat as possible. Dont want to go for broke though with the songs I would play in the last hour or two though. Does anyone ever think about gigs too much like I do or get nnnneeeerrvous at all?
  14. Hi Lads, anyone do 21st lately. I have one next week and havent done one in a while. :Thumbup: I know chart will play the main part as usual but any suggestions would be appreciated. It's a mad crowd that I know so should be very enjoyable.
  15. Hi all, my crossfader is stiff and needs a bit of oil/lube etc. Any suggestions for stuff I could buy locally? Me and electronics have a bad history..!
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