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  1. Had a great night! Was only a small local pub so wasnt expecting too much, but they sold 140 tickets and had other people paying on the door so the pub was packed! Everyone was up for dancing from 9pm onwards, and was so busy people were knocking into my deckstand due to the packed dancefloor, but was a great atmosphere and the "school disco" theme gave me plenty of scenery to admire while working ;o) Had a few handshakes at midnight, and quite a few people asked for my card at the end of the night. This is the one I thought twice about doing as the pay wasn't great, but if any
  2. Thanks Swingcats, Thats the problem - they all look quite good in the Youtube videos where it is dark with a bit of haze, but Im not sure how good it would be in the light with no haze. The other option is having something else shinging ont he dancefloor, preferably something with slow movement which I could also use for first dances etc. Cheers, Mark.
  3. Same thing happened with me a while ago. Booked until 11.30 but by 11 most people had gone. Older guests had gone home, and the younger ones had gone clubbing! I checked with the guy who booked me (who was already packing up the tables), and he said everyone had enjoyed themselves and I could finish then, so I played a slowy and said goodnight. Dont think I did a bad job though as had quite a few compliments, but I guess some crowds just aren't up for dancing all night! Cheers, Mark.
  4. Meeting went ok, and we agreed on £200 for 4 hours (9pm-1pm). I know that is not a lot, however I was not planning on working at all as mr Mrs is pregannt so I didnt want to be too far away. This pub is litterally a 5 minute WALK from my front door, so very convenient! Hoepfully by next year I will be more established and be able to command higher fees for more prestigous venues! Thanks for the advice, Mark.
  5. I was in a similar position last year needing to massively increase my music collection after getting back into DJing. In the end, after a lot of shopping around I went down the route of buying CD's from Amazon Marketplace. Ive bought litterally hundreds and now have abour 15,000 tracks in total. Many CD's start from 1p (+£1.24 for postage). Depending on what you want, I would start with the Now series as this will help you cover a lot of ground. Then I bought by era, 50's hits, Best 60's, Fantastic 80's etc. Then finally bought CD's by artist to cover the tunes that are not on co
  6. Thanks guys, I think I will go in with £250 as it is fairly small, right on my doorstep and there is the potential for some more work next year. Will let you know how I get on! Cheers, Mark
  7. After a bit of shopping around I've narrowed my selection down to 3 choices..... American Dj H2o Led Water Effect Light 10w £99 Chauvet Abyss LED Rippling Water Effect Light 22w £109 ACME LED Waterwave Lighting – 10w £95 The ADJ and Acme actual units look nicer, however the Chauvet Abyss has a brighter LED. There is not much in the price, so out of the choice of the 3 lights above, does anyone have any advice on which is best? I am thinking of positioning it on a T-bar shining on the floor in front of the disco during meals etc. Cheers, Mark
  8. Hi guys, If you have been following my posts over the last few months, you will know that for the last few months I have been getting back into mobile discos after a bit of a break. The enquiries are coming in, and Ive been averaging 2 gigs per month, which is around where I wanted to be. Price wise, I am aiming to charge a bit more next year but have been quoting £150 for most gigs as I wanted the local exposure. Typical prices where I am (near Wolverhampton) are £150-£200). Anyway, I have not gone out of my way to get a booking for New Years Eve and am currently available, h
  9. Hi guys, My lighting set-up consists of ADJ Par 64 uplighters behind me, and Impossibleds and Miracled's as overhead lighting. At the start of the evening (while people arrive, during buffet etc) I only use the uplighters, so there is nothing shining on the actual dancefloor . I only use the overhead lights when people are ready to dance etc. The uplighters look great, but I have been looking for something to shine on the dancefloor while people arrive or are eating etc, and came across the Acme Water Wave LED. From the pics, it looks like a nice tranquil effect which will be
  10. Thanks Fester, that sounds like just the sort of thing Im after! I'll load it up when I have time and report back on progress. Cheers, Mark
  11. Hi guys! Although I use a laptop, I also use a CD player both as backup in case my computer crashes (which - fingers crossed- has never happened), and also for "background music". For both of these situations, I usually use "Mastermix Grandmaster" CD's. However, Im trying to save some money so rather than buying a Grandmaster CD for around £15, Im looking for a way I could record my own mixes onto a CD, as I usually have all of the tunes anyway. Im not too worried about the actual mixing side of it, but what I really need some advice on the best way to record my "output"
  12. In the last 12 months Ive gone from all halogen to all LED! I started the year with all 250w scanners and barrells, then went to Datamoons as they were lighter and more compact, and now have only LED - 2 x Impossibled, 2 x Miracled and 2 x ADJ Par 64 uplighters. To be honest I probably prefer the "warmer" and brighter light you get from halogen lights, but there are just so many benefits of LED. No bulbs to replace, no cool down time, and the biggest one for me - the weight! Im sure LED lights will continue to get better and I will probably "upgrade" when something better com
  13. Hi Matt, Thanks for that - good info! I will get the manuals out and work out the exact current rating. From the previous replies it looks like it should be ok, but it will be good practice for me to work it out for my own peace of mind. Thanks again, Mark
  14. Hi everyone, Many thanks for the replies! I will continue to use 2 extension leads where possible to provide resilience, but from the feedback where there is no other option I will use the following: * Extension cable rated at least 10a with appropriate fuse. * Long enough for the job, but not too long to avoid trip hazards etc. * With extension lead fully unwound, to prevent overheating. Thanks again, Mark
  15. Hi guys, I was hoping someone knowledgeable with power ratings could help me with something. Where possible, I always use two extension leads to power my equipment – one for sound equipment, and one for lighting equipment. However, would I be able to run all of my equipment from a single extension lead, if this was the only available option. My usual set up consists of the following: 2 x Mackie SRM450 V2’s Numark CD Mix 2 Laptop computer 2 x Acme Impossibled 2 x Acme Miracled 2 x ADJ Par 64 LED Small desk lamp Could anyone tell me of the above would be safe to
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