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  1. Hi.... Let’s be honest, apart from the 10% of us who are good looking geezers if we are still DJ'ing at 40 we leave ourselves wide open for ridicule, as we make ourselves look so sad. So come on 40 plusers Hang up you microphone let the youngsters through, and grow old gracefully with dignity
  2. In the professional field VHF is not an option anymore....under any circumstanses
  3. Only problem with a diesel genny is it may be louder than your PA!
  4. Any desk worth its salt will have all connections (except headphone socket) on the back. A £1000 mixer will be flight cased. Top mounted Sockets are far to vaunerable to damage.
  5. Does the postman stop at a house on his rounds after four hours and ask for food?
  6. Intelligent Jukebox? Hmmmm come on......dema nd more respect than that !!!!
  7. Fantastic... "i am sure that they hired the people who made the cake because they would make the type of cake ordered not a chocolate cake because they preferred it themselves." If the B&G ordered a cake with a strange taste, and only 1% of guests enjoyed it, what do you think the other guests (99%) who eat it gonna think. 'what a strange taste the bride and groom have in cakes, but m sure they love it so its fine' or are the gonna think 'this taste s:cense:t who the hell made it?
  8. Eskie.... You are right of course! However it is very hard to believe that there were a few poor misguided souls who didn’t totally agree with me. These guys need saving. I hate to think of them joining the 80 quidders and being pulled towards the big black hole, the hole created by agents and bookers alike pleading poverty and low fees. My friend Eskie if we all join hands and channel our thoughts, we can make poor treatment and poor money a thing of the past.
  9. Been a while since my original post..... Love the replies here are my thoughts Well I guess I have a bad attitude, no thought for others and should retire totally. If somebody wants to talk down to me both as a professional and a person, I have no want to work for them PERIOD. If they want to treat me like a 1966 Wurlitzer and press buttons and their selected tracks come out, I have no want to work for them PERIOD. I will be led in a direction we all have to... I will use my experience, thereforenot be governed to tightly... And giving a bad gig to somebody else. I'd have b
  10. It was about 3 weeks. I did provide the names of at least 2 jocks who were free on that date. The guys attitude on the phone stank even more that the mail!
  11. Hmmm Great to see some differing opinions, and even better to see some people agree with me !! He booked a jock I gave him the number for. It was a night from hell was the summary post gig!
  12. Hi….I have been a watcher of this Forum for a while. I find it quite amusing, and have made the odd post. Having looked through some old posts whilst sat on the train I have decided to voice my opinion on a few things DJ related. I have just about retired from the end of December, in total I have been a practising DJ for about 25 years. Mobile, radio, and clubs. Professionally (as in my only occupation for about half of them). I have seen countless DJ’s come and go. I also know a few long-stayers who like me have found the longer you stick at it the easier it gets. I quit at December as I no l
  13. You can split OTS int o 2 seperate playlines (channels) Go Tools/Mixer/Cue Channels Split by Deck
  14. Behringer Super X pro plus tech. should cost about £12 if you buy a broken one
  15. Limescale should not be a problem...mixed with 2 parts smoke fluid. As for the splutterting, a 'Acme' or other generic non branded machine tends to have smaller heating element and dosent heat the fluid up to a high enough temprature. A Martin, Jem, or other quality machine will reach a higher temprature and all should be hunky dorey!
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