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  1. wow i charge between £40-55ph depending on type of function (keeping in mind i turn up 2 hours prior to start of even to set up which i do not charge for) i dont give tones of jibber jabber on the mic i go around the geusts introduce my self whilst i take requests which they seam to like as it makes them feel important and part of the event with verry little effort i must admit it is a very part time thing atm cos i purely dont have the time nor spare money at present to push the discos business the most important thing i owm in my rig (appart from the obveous) is my dongle...im never wi
  2. noooooooooo i do mean srm1801 seriously look em up! need some first hand advice as have read mixed reviews thanks though for your input guys :) either that or AMERICAN AUDIO PXW18P what ever i end up with i will pair them up with mackie Mackie SRM450 V2's (fed up with external amps)
  3. hi all been looking at the Mackie SRM1801 18" active subs do any of you own these? would you recomend me buying them? chears aaron
  4. hi all my name is aaron im 19 recenlt launched but from the age of 13-16 did does for friends family and 2 local schools so not new to the trade and i also have public liability so fully insured if any one has any gigs with in sw london (area dependant) that they cant do i will be more than happy to accept many thanks Aaron
  5. Cards are useful - but a website is great form of marketing. If you don't have one, they can be created very cheaply- in fact apart from a domain name (~£10 for 2 years) it can be free. thanks for the advice spent my day off work going around local party shops putting cards in windows ect... where can i get a website and purchase a domain name ive tryed making one on google site but it is just terrible cant do so all on it just looks cheap and tacky.. any suggestions many thanks Aaron
  6. wow every one is hatting skytech lol i just brought a pair of skytech moving heads (second hand) off another disco company (£185) and i have got to say once i rigged them up to my 512 system i was pretty impressed 6 months of use at various family and friends partys (getting experiance) and no problems :)
  7. Hi fella i have 2 shinp 50mw green laser systems which come of ebay shipped from china £80 a peice full dmx they are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! would recomend to any one if you contact me with your email i will send you a vid of them in master slave if you want...(in smoke of course :) )
  8. hi all, i want to rum my main source of media off of my shiney new laptop but have no idea what software to get, it needs to be affordable yet reliable and fairly simple to use any suggestions wouls be welcomes, chears all
  9. Hi all and thanks for reading, my name is aaron or as i like to call my self dj destiney im finaly launching my mobile disco after alot of hard saving for equipment but have no idea where to put my cards out any suggestions???????????? chears
  10. hi again all, thanks for all the advice, just want to clarifie what i meant by ebay specials, by this i meant the PA systems that look great from germany .... 1000watts max 200watts rms lol i know theres bargins to have as i my self am a fan of ebay but a fan of genuin bargins at that :) once again thanks all
  11. by failure due to ill use i imply that they, as being a verry budget cab if you have no clue what you are doing are pretty easy to trash quet frankly in the case of full range speakers the failure is purely from over driving, but with these full range systems it is quite simply lack of active cross over, this i what i know from a friend making the mistake of "overdriving" and plentl of research on various reviews as i was going to invest in a large system.... but after much research decided not, you pay monkeys you get monkeys
  12. hey guys thanks for the advice and thanks for the surportive words Ray put a little bit of a smile on my face. take care all thanks for the advice...............and by ebay special i ment these german 1000 watt packages with two 10" speakers and a 200 watt amp lol
  13. hi there when it comes to budget speakers you must be carefull cos they are budget, but budget doesnt haft to mean buy budget speakers. i often use whybuynew.co.uk for equipment they have a great range of new-b stock speakers from most manifactures and i would say they have the best prices going, and in responce to the coments on class d speakers they are okay but are prone to failure if they are not used properly. finaly in terms of kam speakers, there sweet as a nut i have a pair of thier 15" z series cabs ive driven them at very high power and they still do me proud every time! + have never
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