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    Did a 21st party last night for a friends daughter. Suppose it went ok, mainly catered for the birthday girl obv. but whacked in some older stuff for all the aunts/uncles that were there. Whilst I was setting up I popped on Radio 1 Live Lounge CD quietly. Jamiroquai - Virtual insanity Plan B - She Said Pamola Failth - New York Pixie Lott - Cry Me Out These boots are made for walking Michael Buble - Havn't met you yet Alicia Keys - Empire State of mind James Morrison - Broken Strings Robbie Williams - You know me JLS - Everybody in love Jazon Maraz - I'm yours
  2. Just managed to pull myself out of bed from lasts event. They kept the bar open till some rediculous time, hence my nice lay in (and throbbing head this morning). Last night I did 'a benefit' disco. I wasn't sure what to expect but it ended up going really really well. A right variety of people there so there was a good variety of songs being played. The benefit was for a local fella who passed away just under a year ago and they were raising money as he still didn't have a headstone. He was only 34 and left behind lots and lots of family and friends who all turned up to pay thei
  3. I had a fantastic time yesterday DJ’ing. This was my first time since my awful CD episode the other week, so I was a little apprehensive to say the least. I got to the venue nice and early (14:00 for a 15:00 start) - it was early afternoon as it was a family event. The landlady used to have everyone over to her house for valentines lunch but over time all her kids have moved away with their own families, so for valentines they all come back and have a massive family get together. Age range from 1 all the way up to 70. I got set up all nice and quickly, then popped to the bar
  4. Hi there. I've just been going through all my CD's as I'm finding that there are a lot of songs that I'm only remembering that I've got after, or whilst scanning through them I think "ahh bugger, that would have fitted in nicely then" I want to organsise them into something more convienent. How do you guys that have been DJ'ing for a while have your CD's organised so that you can find that certain song quickly ? I was thinking of possibly 1) Starters/Background 2) Girls/Ladies (cheese) 3) Boys/Men 4) Oldies 5) Slow ones 6) Kiddies Or would it be better t
  5. That's got to be what happened then. I purposly turned up the write speed to 'fastest' in order to get them done quickly, as I was doing them at work. It was also an old system, not sure how old, but it wasn't fresh out the box by any means (hence me blaming the equipment being rubbish, obv. it had nothing to do with me), so a slightly worn laser wouldn't have been surprising. That's obviously why they worked in my home Denon system before hand, and also the Sunday morning when I checked them again. I'm in 2 minds about how to feel about this now - I'm really really frustrated that
  6. Robster, Thanks for the reply, and pointers on what I should do in the future. I'll try and answer some of the questions that you've asked back. Regarding the previous resident DJ, I may have not made myself clear. He ditched 10 mins before his set was due to take place, not actually mid-session. From what I understand happened was that it was the usual argument with the Mrs before he came out, therefore having the hump. A couple of drinks, an argument with the Landlady, people not siding with him regarding this argument - he was just one of those people who's not bothered a
  7. Ohhhh indeed, I know where ya coming from with that one ! I was lucky enough to have her and her mates set up base at the table right next to my left hand speaker, so most of the dancing etc was done smack bang infront of me. Hmmmm, Maybe that's why I was getting flustered and things weren't going to plan :ads: Her - scuse me mate, ya got any Taio Cruz for me ? Me - say what?, Tom Cruise?, he's not got a single out has he? Her - no, TAIO CRUZ Me - [pointing to my ear] can't hear ya. Write the artist name, song title on this bit of paper ........ and if you're single your
  8. ..... and to be totally honest, it was just about enough to make it be the last. This is my first post on this forum only having only just been granted posting privileges, but I’ve been coming on here for a little while gaining snippets of valuable information and tips from you guys. So, firstly – THANKS! :Thumbup: I don’t want to waffle on about things so I’ll try and keep it short and to the point. Venue: ‘Resident’ DJ at local pub/members club Event: 18th Birthday Party – yeah I could have made it a bit easier I know for my first ! Number of people: about 150 – yeah, a
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