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  1. Ah welyn, Nice town but still not the first garden city, letchworth was. lol. Armco never heard of that company but then again with letchys industrial estate you never know what is there.
  2. So I advertise on ebay classifieds and one came through for a 13th birthday party in romford. We are located in Portsmouth. So due to needing to hire a van as the one we use would not do that long journey so I quoted £300, with a £30 deposit, we received £100 instead that was pretty nice. The time was 6pm-11pm. So our driver picked up the van in the morning of the Saturday Loaded up and started heading of around 1-2. So we was doing allright till we hit the dartford tunnel, Oops we all completely forgot about the charge and we had just put all the money we had into the van for petr
  3. Haha, yeah i know we have had grief from individuals in the past, but we have learnt that there is allways one of them like that at most gigs, one wedding, it was the best man kept requesting rock songs that we did not have. I even told the best man that i personally did stress the importance for the B&G to give us as much detail for music as possible, the B&G even gave us a playlist. The best man was that rude that we had a young girl must have been around 14 waiting to tell us her request when the bestman and a friend barged in front of her and jumped on stage in front of the
  4. I have heard alot about people ripping of other web sites, I Design sites myself and understand where every one is coming from, The only 'Ripping' if you can call it is to look at other sites with word pad open getting some ideas. Unfortunately there isn't really any way to protect your content any more:(
  5. Thanks ray for the welcome. ^_^ Were about was you from? If you say ware i will not do the good old joke.lol
  6. Hi Jason thanks for the warm welcome. I'm originally from Letchworth, So we decided to cover Hertfordshire as well, Then i can crash at ma mums and see friends.lol. Yup seen the membership gonna go for that next month, plus for £50 for a year is brilliant. I'm a student so gotta love the discount.lol. We do use PCDJ VJ for mixing with through a Mixer but due to me and my colleague who does the discos with me are both trying to make it not big but good enough DJ'ing in our specific genres. My self hardtrance, hardstyle, Hardcore freeform, Dubstep and my friend doing hardcore.
  7. So got a call last Wednesday for a disco at a venue near me (lee-on-solent). The event was just a disco at the end of a day that had dance comps, darts comp's. So quoted the price and got the contract sent of to them, due to the time scale i did not ask for a deposit as it was Saturday just gone. Got up Saturday and half loaded the van, then i decided to give it some affect i'll actually get round to repairing the smoke machine. Reason i had not done it thus far is due to no venues letting us use it as yet. Finally got the repaired and purchasing some fluid finished loading the van
  8. Hello All, My name is Richard AKA DJ Wu Subby, Started doing mobile disco's towards the end of last year with my B2B Dj Freind, we are growing pretty quickly with respect to equipment and knowledge. We are based in portsmouth and serve the south coast, But we also do serve hertfordshire due to the fact that's my home town. Stumbled across these forums, was part of another forum but felt that they where abit elitist. We use vinyl, CD's and MP3's but looking at changing that later this year to just vinyl useing a program called sarato scratch, Reason being is we are both DJ's
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