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  1. Many Thanks, yes will be smart for this one as it may get me other work. Am doing one in my local friday for halloween so 1st time for me having two gigs. Will try out a few of those if not all at the local.
  2. Hi all This saturday i am doing a corporate function in a local well known gym establishments function room. There will be around 175-200 guests which is probably double what i have had previously. Age range is 18-65 so varied. Spoke with client and he told me there were going to be other things going on in other area's like bucking bronco, buffet etc so this calmed me a little knowing i was'nt going to be staring out at all these people at once but was a little nervous at 1st. Am actually looking forward to it and if i can get half of them up dancing then i will be pleased. Any tips
  3. Sliced Tomatoes - Just Brothers Fathers Angels -Bok to Bach Couple of dancable instrumentals i find go down well.
  4. Yazoo-Situation Flock Of Seagulls - I Ran Aztec Camera-Somewhere in my heart If you want a slowie Level 42 - It's Over works as well as bill medley & jennifer warnes
  5. Hi Just wondered if anyone plays/has played this song. It is the song thats played at the end of a set of darts on Sky Sports.
  6. "Rich has the energy and enthusiam " might want to correct to enthusiasm?
  7. A mobile number might be worth adding and personally i would have your picture retaken in smarter dress no offence, apart from that a nice site.
  8. Interesting topic, having recently only just started out this is an area i need to improve on hence i keep it to the minimum. I have an 18th at the weekend and will do the welcome and buffet open kind of stuff as well as announcing a change in genres but i will keep it to that and to be honest think that's sufficient, otherwise they could book peter kay for an hr!
  9. £15 top up gets you 3gb usage with Vodafone one i have although i don't use it for this purpose. A CD holds around 700mb so as long as your not downloading box sets or the like you should be fine. A friend of mine does just use his phone and gets tracks off amazon then bluetooths them across to his Laptop.
  10. Hi All I am currently running 2x Dap Audio speakers through a pretty ancient old amp. I am looking to replace this and would like your advice. The speakers state they are 400w @ 8 Ohms. Does this mean they only run at 8 Ohms? So would i be correct in presuming i need a 800w amp? Something like this ? http://www.whybuynew.co.uk/DA-800-Warrior-...-Amplifier.html
  11. Status Quo, The Clash, The Sex Pistols......
  12. Nice piece of kit, will deffo be looking to invest in the coming weeks. For now its a Sound card in the other pc i bought and some additional ram to take it too 2gb. Downloaded trial of VDJ and Atsav software so am gonna run 1 of them thru it next week and see how it performs.
  13. Sounds good, what sort of price are you looking at for for one of those controllers ? Also just trying to wornder where i would fit one into my existing set up. At mo got main mixer cd deck box and separate amp sits underneath that. Would probably look at a rack mountable type of solution. Are you using a usb sound card then or just the onboard laptop sound?
  14. Each to their own! Yeah Goldfrapps quality.
  15. http://www.play.com/Music/MP3-Download-Tra...prd:tunechecker Think this mite get some bodies on the dancefloor! Play it 1st followed by Bellamy Brothers Let Your Love Flow from the Barclays Ad!
  16. Thanks. Yes read a little about these controllers not entirely sure about them. Am i right in thinking that they hook up to the pc and you control it like that instead of the mouse / keyboard?!
  17. Hi Thanks for the reply. Yeah i thought the card was overkill but then it was reccommended by a salesperson of said store. Think i'll go for just a basic Creative PCI card bout £25-£30. Just need it to connect from PC to amp. Pc is a mini itx also just need to do a clean install on it as it had aol and all sorts of stuff on it, i have disabled auto updates firewall etc and am just using it as a music pc. At the mo got the pc connected with a couple of cd's loaded in the main mixer deck incase of pc failure but will look at some controllers. As for the software it has improved but still
  18. carl1974

    The Music Game

    D:Ream - Your The Best THING
  19. Hi I have a custom built pc which is a bit old running BPM Studio software latest version. I have heard of Virtual DJ and since joing this forum OTSAV Software. Does anyone here use BPM Studio ? Whats your experience of it? The Pc is a Pentium 4 2.8Ghz with 512mb Ram only expandable to 1gb Max. I have another PC which is a P4 2.8ghz with 1gb Ram and and extra 1gb too add (4gb max). They are both running XP Pro and i have disabled all non relevant services and removed old software. I do intend to do a clean install on the Existing PC but am considering loading VDJ or OTSAV on the new
  20. Hi My name is Carl i'm 35 and from Stafford. Just bought some second hand kit and hoping to expand it. Would like some advice on PC based DJ software as am looking to go down this avenue. Been reading bits of the forum and have found it very informative. I work in IT so know a little about computers and will be happy to advise anyone's problems!
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