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Isn't there a Musicians Union in Ireland that can provide it? http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html//emoticons/533.gif Which part of Ireland are you in?

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As far as I know Hibernian are your only real option.


It'll cost you about a grand a year.


I would try and avoid IMRO at all costs, it's cheaper but they are a less DJ-friendly organisation than even their UK friends.


One of the reasons why don't have loads of bull about MP3 licenses in Ireland is because we met the hostility of the live music crowd with hostility instead of saying "oh pleeese lemme be your best friend".


IMRO's agenda is not on the side of the DJ. Their UK cousins have shown how far this anti-DJ can be taken if given quarter.


Why do you need it? Is someone requiring it? Or is it just something you want to have?


The farmer's crowd FBD are trying to organise a scheme as their core market is dying out and they try to innovate. I also belive that Quinn Direct will/have just released a product.


If you don't have a gun to your head, might be worth holding out.

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The same old story : Live Music v's Dj.


Yea'll i kind of need it as a shoping centre have asked for me to play there for one or two saturdays. One of the things they require is insurance of up to 2 million. Will try the others and give a post back on what they say.


Interesting thing - musicans union did not really want to know me ! there part of SIPTU. Am in talks with them at the moment to let DJ's join up and have benefits.



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Our good friends in the UK let us share all kinds of things.


We are exposed to excellent UK media and websites daily.


However it is easy to get confused pal, this is Ireland and its heart beats to a different drum to the UK.


The MU here are not really a significant force.


Confusingly for a person of UK extraction/knowledge the body that calls itself IMRO is. It started off like its UK cousin just collecting fees and now ....well...my feelings are very strong.


It THINKS its very powerful. Some people would describe their attitude towards DJs as parasites, although they deny it. I have to be careful what I say here.


It is not, thankfully, very powerful. But it is the golden source of the type of insurance the MU is known for in the UK.


It doesn't surprise me that Irish MU were so stand-offish. They are perhaps being a bit more forthcoming in their attitude than IMRO.


Try those places and see how you go.


Report back. I'll keep making enquiries.



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Mobile DJ network now have a policy specifically for Mobile DJ and karaoke hosts in Ireland





Membership includes the following:


DJ PLI - DJ/ Karaoke Host specific Public Liability Insurance of £10 million (around €11.6 million), the maximum any venue will need

Web Hosting - 500mb of webspace and up to 5 email address at your domain

Printing - Monthly offers to keep your overheads low

Enquiries - Listing on our websites with direct links to your website, email and phone number

Retailer Discounts - Regular offers and deals on the equipment you need and want

Policy Coverage Area - Whole of Ireland and the UK


all that for under 60 euros

Rob Star Entertainments
Facebook page
landline 0161 265 3421
Mobile: 0777 99 777 26

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