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Ok i have a friend at work asking this question, so i thought i would post it on here to see if anyone can help.


One friday night he got on a circle line train (as normal) the doors closed, then suddenly a couple of people set up a sound sytem another couple of people stuck coloured gells over the carriage lights, they put 2 semi circles of small stage block (custom built) around a pol then had a party !! at each stop they turned the music off waited for people to get off and new people to get on, as soon as the doors closed gave the new people a beer and started the party again.


As this was on the circle line this went on for a couple of hours before they were asked to leave the train, but didnt get fined or anything and the transport police were happy with them as they cleared up at every station and threw the rubbish in the bins !!!


Anyway his question is.... He wants to do his own for his birthday, but asked me how can he play his music from an i-pod (or similar)... remember there will be NO plug sockets so how can he run amp and small speakers, or can he get battery powered speakers that will cope with the noise of the tube train ??


answers please.... http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html//emoticons/biggrin.gif


p.s. link to the crazy guys that do this every now and again !


Click Here

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Cant, thats too big, needs to be small so it can be hidden but big in sound !!




he said when he was on there the speakers were attached to the poles and wired to the player !! any ideas... even where he can hire these from?

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QUOTE (brianmole @ Mar 20 2006, 05:34 PM)
These guys are brill, have you seen what else they get up to? http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html//emoticons/notworthy.gif

Love that, may be part of our trip? http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html//emoticons/tongue.gif

John Kidd

Crystal Sounds Disco



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I have had a good look around their website. They seemed to of disguised their equipment in Suitcases.

Inside 1 suitcase you could put a Car Battery, and Car CD Player or Tape Player, and a pair of speakers.




Or for even more power :




Then for speakers :





Then all you need is the Car Battery, and a suitcase. And fix it all inside it.


If you was to replace the head unit with a same powered Casette Tape unit, you could use this device so you could use a Mixer, a unit Like Brianmole suggested, or Mics.



As for lighting you could use some laser crabs, as they take batteries.




Hope this helps !




Email :: info@nrgize-disco.co.uk

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Or maybe if you could hold of something like this ::






Email :: info@nrgize-disco.co.uk

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He could get a T-Amp


It is powered by 8AA batteries (or adaptor) and is so small it sits in the palm of your hand. Should come in around about £20 TOTAL incl S&H on that e-bay sale. The seller is top-notch.


I just bought one last week. Won it on Ebay Weds. Paid Paypal on Thursday. Had it sitting in my hand, from USA no less, the following Monday.


Read the TNT audio review here and believe in it. http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html//emoticons/smile.gif


Having said that, I don't know how its power, with good speakers obviously, would stand up to a tube train - never tried it . . . yet http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html//emoticons/221.gif

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Cheers guys for all your help, ill let you know how he gets on.

I did offer to do the gig for him, but we could not get the full truss on the train !! http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html//emoticons/biggrin.gif


oh Brian couls i borrow you small Bose pas system !! should just about have enough power to cover this event !! (does it run on batteries?) http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html//emoticons/071.gif

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Any new ideas from above ???


Email :: info@nrgize-disco.co.uk

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