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website - anyone up for biulding one?

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im realy struggleing with this website thing.... now can any of you guys/girls biuld them? fancy earning some cash?


its just simple because i have no idea where to start...


want cheap hosting thought,




few pages,


one where they can online book...


and er... thats bout it oh yer also be google friendly so show up in that too with key words etc if you get me...


so any quotes guys of how much it will cost me?


VIBE Mobile Disco's

A professional Service

For all ages and occassions

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Hello Buddy


If you send me a PM I can pass your details onto the guy that is making my new chair cover website, his prices are great and really nice chap too.


My new website Here

DJ Frankie Knuckles.


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For that website. I charged £650 for a fully dynamic website with all original art! I must remember to put my prices up.


Ner ner ner ner... ner ner, ner can't touch this.


My biggest influence was Vera Lynn and I enjoy winding down with my cat - tabetha whilst listening to bing crosby playing on the gramophone.


... You wish ....

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QUOTE (vibemobilediscos @ Jun 19 2006, 06:28 AM)
also be google friendly so show up in that too with key words etc if you get me...

You make it sound so simple! You can pay company's hundreds of pounds a year to market your website so that the search engines find it...with no guarantee's whatsoever.


The keywords need some serious thinking. For example, if you want Disco Taunton then you're competing with 62,500 hits. Mobile Disco Taunton is less than half (27,400). Wedding Disco Taunton returns 16,600.


Now you can put these searches in inverted comma's (" ") to return only the exact phrase thus:

"disco taunton" - 311 hits

"mobile disco taunton" - 3 hits

"wedding disco taunton" - zero!


...but will your next customer know to use the inverted comma's?


Get thinking and test your ideas in all the major search engines!

[insert quirky comment]

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Side-stepping the whole minefield of search engine optimisation, there are plenty of other (and free) ways you can promote your website ... Here's a few:


- Put your website address into a signature block at the footer of every email you send (Outlook and Outlook Distress both have signature capabilities)


- Does every bit of your business stationery have your website details on it?


- Are you able to have a blog (a web-base diary) on your site, or some other method of giving your clients a reason to keep coming back to your site? (btw, the search engines just l-u-r-v-e regularly updated web pages)


- Does your website have reciprocal links with other websites? Again, search engines like this


... The list goes on, but in short, gone are the "Build it and they will come" days. Instead, think of your website as your very own, highly customisable leaflet .. And what's more, there are no printing costs involved!


It's definately worth getting a graphics designer to work up a design for you and then taking ownership of the site yourself and learning how to carry out simple maintenance. Most colleges have evening and daytime classes on how to do this.


Or you can oursource the job to someone else, but do they know your business and your message as well as you do?


... Just a thought ... http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html//emoticons/biggrin.gif

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QUOTE (RezN8 @ Sep 18 2006, 11:02 PM)
Side-stepping the whole minefield of search engine optimisation, there are plenty of other (and free) ways you can promote your website ...

The free ways are definately the best.

Subit your site to as many search engines as possible. Theres not just Google out there!

The phonecalls that you'll get from people offering to put your details on their site are a pain though.

'Pay us £200 and we'll guarantee you're right at the top of the search pages'.

'We're number 1 in Google'.


I hate those calls.

But if they can do it - why can't you for free?

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I love it when I hear this type of thing about going for cheaper options.


doesn't it just remind you of going for cheaper DJ's?


Having cheap web hosting is a little bit like buying cheap amps, it'll do the job, but it'll have a lot of limitations.


Why do we expect customers to pay top dollar for our services but when it comes to paying top dollar for services we need, we get all scroogish.


Mysteries of the mind.



Take a listen to Music Matters, the Big Mix Entertainment podcast, featuring music from the Podsafe Music Network.

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QUOTE (Chris_Pointon @ Jun 19 2006, 08:21 AM)
I think Andy paid £2000 for Your Big Event

I really hope you are joking, some of the pages are titled "Untitled Document" and it doesn't validate!

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