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I'm still mindfull of last December when during the 1st week I had several requests for 'Dancing in the Dark' - artist not known and so I played Bruce Springsteen, only to later discover that there was a new dance version of the same name. :aa


Two possible contenders for this year are 'Bits & Pieces' and 'Young Hearts (Love Lines)' - again no artist info so if I do the same as last year it'd be Dave Clark Five & Candi Staton :shrug:

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Paul, might be a long shot but there was a dance track called 'bits and pieces' (by artemesia) around about 10 years ago, it may have been remixed.


Huge tune in Ireland for u18 parties Bits and Pieces....Still played i hear but huge over the last 10 yrs.....1,2,3, and........................

Full Time Professional Dj and M.C.

Residencies Monday & Thursday Storm Drogheda Co. Louth

Friday Morrissons Co. Kilkenny

Saturday Suite 54 Blackrock Dublin.

Im looking for a residency on Tuesday Wednesday or Sunday

gig either south or Northern Ireland.

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I have found another track titled Bits & Pieces on an Irish Clubland CD I purchased earlier this year and it's just that, 15 sec bits of various Irish songs in the old Radio 1 style of 'Bits & Pieces' so I think Daves suggestion is probably right and there isn't a new version after all :shrug:

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Thanks Stephen - I'm relying on you now to keep me up to date with the latest from the NI Dance Scene. I've heard the new Modelle one and yes it will be popular (I still get lots of requests for DITD).

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No problem Paul.

I'll do my best, Modelle will always be popular here as he's been on the scene since the late 80s/early 90s, quite regular to clubs in portrush.

It's worth checking the new clubland tracklistings when they come out.

I think Cascada's mix of truly, madly, deeply will do well in early 07.


N2K Entertainments



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