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Hi every1,


I'm new to this forum,


I'm a mobile DJ working on the wirral, im 22 yog. and my main music interest is dance, house and everything from the 80's (strange combination i know)


Anyway, I was wondering Have any of you guys been to BCM, and if so do you know how to get work DJ in a venue? I feel I have the skills to do well in a large venue that is predominatly house music based. I have done many discos/gig to very large audiences and every nite I always get people saying thanks and I usually get more bookings for other nites at the end of the nite, so i must ber doing something right.


Any info would be greatly recieved.



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Where in the Wirral are you ?

.....but what do I know ?




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Hi Guy,


If your after work in a large venue or club night then its usually better to get a mix tape to one of the promoters and wait for a responce.


Im based on the wirral too, where abouts are you??


i also design flyers for a few large club nights in liverpool mainly, hard dance, techno and trance and could get a mix tape to the promoters for you if thats your genre.




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If you want to work at clubs like BCM then you need to get an agent some experience of large venues and make some contacts and send out a lot of demo tapes. These big clubs wont just take bedroom dj's or even mobile dj's who can mix you need to have a proven track record of djing in these kinds of venues and references.


Good Luck !



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Hi there.

I have been to BCM, it is quite a big venue (3000+?)

Anyway my advice would be to go out there and get a job in another venue. That is the best place to make contacts. If you are good then you will be noticed. It is not all about talent though, bulls*it helps as well so be confident in yourself.

Not sure about BCM but I reckon most of the nights will be run by UK promoters, they will be running other stuff around Magaluf, so try and get in there.

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