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Tax Return - Car Question

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Hi there can anyone help me with this tricky part of my self assessment.


I sold my car in the last tax year and bought a new one, so have I got the calculation right for self assessment purposes?


Car bought for £4400 (in the previous tax year) so I wrote down 25% of the value = £1100


So £3300 carried forward (£4400 minus £1100)


Now this tax year I have sold it for £2100 therefore £3300 minus £2100 = £1200 as an expense.


Sound right so far?


Now I have bought another car for £9100, so writing down 25% of that is £2275.


Therefore this year I am claiming £3475 (which is £1200 + £2275)


Finally divide £3475 by 50% as I use the car(s) privately = £1737.50


Sound correct?

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I'm pretty sure you're supposed to just claim 40p per mile for use of a car for a business. Not sure you can actually just purchase the car as an asset for the business like you can with vans.


Best to speak to an accountant though.

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