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Hi, I am wondering what to do at midnight this year on NYE, I have seen some topics on here about a radio link up to 'Big Ben' which seems a good idea.


I have got a digital radio with a line out, all I need is a bit of advice on which station to tune in etc. and how long to leave it on for?


I have been to a venue where it has been done but I cannot remember what the song played after the chimes was (i.e what version of ALS) and the song after that, or would you just fade after ALS and play your own song?

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Try the BBC... radio one is pretty good at keeping time...


have the chimes and ALS cued up ready to go at about 5 too.. listen to the radio in your head phones and play the chimes and ALS from your gear not the radio then you can control what happens...


Last year I had the tv projected on two big screens I played the Chimes live from the TV and then faded it out and did my own ALS but left the fireworks on the River in london on the big screen..


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There are a couple of ways of playing Big Bens live chimes out to your audience. The first step is to grab a radio times or other tv/radio listings guide and take a looky at nye, suspiciously around 11pm onwards and see which programmes are advertising about doing the chimes.


Don't worry if its a tv show, as you can always use a portable tv wth scart lead which goes to phono/rca plugs to plug into your mixer. You MIGHT be abe to get away with using the tv or radios headphone socket but you'll need to experiment hours beforehand with diferent combinations of low output on the devices headphone socket Vs low input on the mixers line/mic(!) inputs (HINT: start LOW on both the device and the mixer). Your "line out" sockets on your DAB should avoid this matching ritual, but...for the first atempt, still star the mixer gain off low....just in case.


Don't be at all surprised if all the best preparation in the world is ruined by some heavily accented broadcaster yakking away about pipers, or the weather, or the drained fountains of trafalgar square, all over the top of the chimes.

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