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Whats The Best Dj Software To Use With Windows Vista

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Thats ok mate I looked into getting traktor before i got serato and the main reason I went with serato was the fact it 1 looks more simple on the main screen then traktor and 2. A friend of mine had traktor before serato and found that it didnt run as well.

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otsdj have now released otsav which is vista compatable....There is a free download to preview before making the £150 purchase.



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With all the legacy issues Vista is a poor choice at the moment. Unless you run it in W2K or XPsp2 mode there are many issues and incompatibilities. BPM certainly falls down with 64 bit and dual channel processing without "fixes" .



I was going to Staples on Wednesday to pick up a laptop with Vista, now you lot have spooked me on that one, I have been using a simple software called clubscene!UKdj which was avaiable free as a download, but seems to have disappeared form the internet. I lik eit cos its simple, and big clear writing on screen, wil this work on Vista, anyone know????

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