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Has Anybody Ever Ordered From Www.euden.co.uk ?

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has anybody ever ordered from www.euden.co.uk ? ...or does anybody know if it is trustfull, cause i live in Romania and i want to buy some stuff and i have doubts about it because the prices are too low. can anybody help me? did you hear about this website or have you ever ordered anything? tx

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I have never heard of them and some of their prices, as you say seem ridiculously low.


I am tempted to buy a Denon DNX500 from them...... but something tells me it is a bad idea.


I may however be completely wrong

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I've never heard of the company that you have mentioned, so I am unable to comment either way.


I would recommend that you take a look at the Thomann website, as several members have bought items from them before. Thomann are based in Germany, but ship goods all over the world at Reasonable shipping rates



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DNX500 from sapphires only 309 quid! (decks.co.uk)


Just bought one...quick delivery and great service





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Well theres an address and everything for the company.


But.. it doesn't make a secure connection when you go to give your name and address so that would put me off straight away...

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