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Hello all


Finally my database is all finished.


I have amalgamated all my mp3s together, checked for duplicates, corrected spellings etc etc etc


HOWEVER.... I now want to format all the artists together. Dont really mind how, would prefer First Letter Capitalized, but all caps would be fine too. This is so that when they go to the Denon I dont get 3 different artists (ie ELTON JOHN, Elton John and elton john)


I have bought Tag & Rename, but I cant see how to do just the artist.




I am using the format of the title as an indicator of quality, ie any rips I have done myself at 320kbps are in CAPITALS, anything else is in lower case.


There must be a way....

DJ Dale King


When you see light at the end of the tunnel, beware. It's probably someone with a torch, bringing you more hassle

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