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Can anyone help, I cant seem to get a multi chanel output from Traktor.

Im using Traktor 3 and a Creative Audigy Soundblaster PCMCIA.


Can anyone assist me in setting up two outputs.......one so the music is playing to the crowd and one so I can cue/listen to a track on one of the other decks thats played in the headphones.


I have tried the instruction manual and also the forums and all have drew a blank, can somebody help me please, I have a feeling its something really simple, but I just cant work it out.

I notice on the decks in Traktor two big cue buttons are provided, and I would guess that if the cue button is lit up then this should mean that the sound from that deck is routed to your headphones and not to the main output, but this does not seem to be the case, as no matter what I do, both the main output and the headphone output are allways exactly the same.






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If you want to use traktor to its full. Totally forget the internal mixer.

Use external mixer mode (in preferences) and router channel 1& 2 to deck a and olug these channels from your sound card to an external dj mixer. Then do the same for channels 3 & 4 for deck B and then again from your sound card to the external mixer.


The do all cueing on the external mixer as you would with cd players


The cue buttons are for cueing but work like cd players, they will play the track from the cue point while the button is pressed, but return to the cue point when released.

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