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Community Rules And Acceptable Use

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Acceptable Use Policy

DJU is a privately owned and funded, fully independent social networking community, with DJ's of all ages. Just as you are free to make your own set of rules for visitors entering your own private household, we exercise the same right to maintain our own rules for visitors to our community here, of which is detailed below.

These rules may at first appear to be comprehensive, however they basically cover general internet etiquette and common sense to the point where they do not pose any problem to the majority of visitors and these rules purely exist in order to maintain a professional public image for our industry and to ensure the professional integrity of those using and visiting the forum, whilst maintaining freedom of expression, so please respect and abide by these rules whenever you choose to visit us.

Membership to DJU is Free and open to all ages. This is a privately owned forum with no commercial activities or vested interests to promote or market and on this basis we operate a strict no-spam policy in respect of protecting the email address which is used when you register to the forum. We will never give away, sell or knowingly disclose your email address to any third party (unless compelled to do so by law).

Membership of this privately owned community is not an automatic right of any individual and users are respectfully reminded that activities conducted on the Internet are now routinely subject to many of the same local laws and regulations applicable to the offline environment, i'm sure that you have read high profile cases in the media involving racist, threatening or libelous comments made via Twitter and Facebook which serve to prove this point, and such conduct will not be tolerated on the forum.

Moderators, and the Admin Team are here to assist and guide the membership and are all long serving members of the forum who all give their time here on a voluntarily basis, and so in respect of protecting the forum - their decisions are final.

Members must exercise a high degree of diligence and responsibility with respect to their use of our facilities, including demonstrating the responsibility to comply with this Acceptable Use Policy, failure to do so will result in your membership being terminated and access to the forum blocked or restricted.

Linking & Advertising (signature links or post links)
Please Note that we DO NOT allow linking to (or advertising) the following sites under any circumstances:-

• PC Application downloads (unless it’s freeware or shareware).
• Warez, Serials or illegal MP3's links
• Forums of a similar nature and subject to this one.
• Pornography, Racist or otherwise offensive Material
• Distasteful links/images (including in signatures and Avatars)
• Gambling or Affiliate links

Code Of Conduct:- (All members)

We reserve the right to modify and amend these terms at any time without notice.
It is your responsibility to remain informed of current DJs United Policies. Please check back here frequently.

1) You agree not to use this service to post or send any material which is knowingly false and/or defamatory, libelous, inaccurate, abusive, racial, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy, or otherwise violate any laws in your own country or within the United Kingdom.

2) Please respect the rights of others to express (and defend) their own opinions which may, on occasion, differ from your own. If you are unable to get along or maintain a professional dialogue with another member, then please use the User Ignore feature.

3) Any member found to be using this forum for spam, unsolicited business email or information harvesting will be immediately reported to their Internet Service, Email and web-space service providers. Such actions result in an immediate ban and we always report any form of spamming activity, harassment or other abuse however minor, and without any prior warning under European and International Law.

You may not use the forum private / email messaging system to harass other members, nor solicit members to visit a website or spam the details of any products or services or for any commercial reason unless the member has requested such information from you or invited this approach on a forum post.

Please note: If you receive any unsolicited messages or come across any post on the forum sections that you suspect may be spam or posted by automated spam software, then please report the matter via PM to a Moderator. Alternatively, use the Report Button feature.

4) Membership to the forum is restricted to one user name per user. In the case of multiple membership accounts being discovered, we will terminate ALL accounts immediately, regardless of status.

5) Please do not use website url's as your forum username

6) You also agree not to post / advertise / offer any copyrighted material or cut and paste material from elsewhere without permission from the original author, unless the copyright is owned by you.

7) Before posting (or cutting and pasting) content from this forum you must obtain express permission from the person who wrote it. Alternatively you can freely use the forums' RSS feed for acceptable content syndication to other websites, blogs and social networks.

The language used throughout this forum is English. Do not post messages in block capitals, as in web etiquette this considered as SHOUTING and can be offensive to other forum users, and it doesn't make your opinion any more valid than anybody else's.

9) Do not use profanity on public forum posts. Besides being unprofessional some Internet providers and Corporate / Education networks may block access from their network or apply Adult content filters. The continued use of many popular Mobile Community app's also require forums to be "Family Friendly".

10) Members may not troll another user's thread nor ridicule another persons spelling ability. Doing this in public is needless and petty, and there may also be medical reasons such as Dyslexia as to why an individual makes these errors.

11) DJ's United is a community for all ages and promotes professionalism. So please remember to keep posts free from any explicit or questionable content.

12) Zero Tolerance - The administrator and moderation team of DJ's United reserve the right to immediately remove ANY member who is trolling or causing harassment within the Community and edit any offensive signature or posts by any user for whatever reason considered necessary and without notice.

Please Note: Anybody found to be causing or inciting harassment to, or otherwise threatening any member, moderator or the administrator will be removed from the forum immediately. Threats of violence made over the internet or social media are now taken very seriously by both Internet Service Providers and the Police in most Countries, and such acts will not be tolerated here. For members within the UK, such online instances are now actively treated as an offence under the Malicious Communications Act and will often result in prosecution.

13) Please be considerate and listen to the advice of the Administration, members of the Moderating team and Community Leaders who are here to help and advise on this site. Community Leaders and Moderators are not only here to keep the community running smoothly and to help you, but also represent the interests of the Administrator and the integrity of the forum, therefore do not publicly challenge the final decisions of the Moderation Team or Section Leaders in threads or via PM message.

14) DJ's United allows members to promote their own business interests in their profiles and signatures and members may also list their website in the relevant forum or dedicated advertising section.

15) Entire threads or posts / first posting, bumping of posts wholly dedicated to advertising the authors' own retail sales, web-hosting, web design and other commercial activities are not permitted and will be considered and treated as spam and both the member and the post content will be deleted. If you wish to promote a business activity then you will need to declare yourself as a retailer and abide by our 'fair use' advertising policy.

16) Please remember that posts and comments on this forum can be viewed by anybody (including potential & existing clients and agents or venues looking for professional business services such as ours) comments are also cached for long periods by search engines and may remain visible in the public domain for months after the original forum post is deleted.

17) Unsuitable posts found to be disadvantageous or detrimental to the forum or its members will be removed.

18) 2nd Hand Equipment sales are permitted on the forum, provided that these are private sales items only and this is clearly stated. You must have a minimum post count of 15 posts before advertising any item for sale. This is to avoid the problem with individuals signing up purely to advertise items for sale.

19) The offering, advertising, uploading or selling of illegal material (including MP3 or pirated material) or requesting / promoting the methods or places of obtaining such material or 'cracked' DJ software is prohibited. If you come across a post that contains a link to an illegal site, please report the post to the Section Leader or the Moderator Team via the Report post feature.

20) The DJU Community administration team will not allow the forum to be used as a public arena for personal dispute. Any posts containing personal comments or insults directed to one or more members will be removed or locked, with warnings issued to ALL of the parties involved in contributing to the flaming. If you are unable to maintain a professional attitude towards another member, then please use the ignore feature.

21) The Admin or Moderation team of DJ's United Community Forum reserve the right to restrict access, moderate, suspend or withdraw the membership of ANY person whose presence and / or continued post content is deemed to be detrimental to the good of the community or who has demonstrated a conflict of interests.

22) Constructive Criticism is encouraged and should be expected if you raise a question which invites it!. However, do not publicly start threads or posts openly questioning the business integrity of another colleague or member. Doing so is totally unprofessional and may appear to the casual observer to be "sour grapes" on your part.

23) Members are encouraged to pass on, and advertise any bookings which they are unable to cover to their member colleagues on a goodwill basis. Where any work is being passed on for reward (ie commission, Agent or fee basis) then this is acceptable but should be clearly pointed out on the actual post.

Dj's United takes no responsibility for any dispute arising from work passed on between members, or complaints between members and their clients and these should first be addressed amicably and privately between the parties.

24) Previously Banned members need not re-register.

25) In Compliance with UK Guidelines and General Internet Safety, some additional rules exist to protect the interests and safety of members under 16 years of age. These are detailed below.

Members Under 16 Years of Age

Members under 16 years of age are welcome to take part in the forum, but are forbidden from posting any personal contact information whatsoever on this forum. This includes addresses, mobile and landline telephone numbers, school details, social media pages, selfies, or any personally identifiable information which may compromise their online and offline safety.

Retailers/Related Organisations.

Retailers are required to identify themselves as such in their profile at the time of registering. This enables members to easily identify and separate sales posts from private individuals and commercial retailers where consumer laws, warranties and distance selling regulations will apply. Our policy on free advertising is extended out of goodwill, so please abide by the fair use policy detailed below and don't abuse the facility.

R1) Retailers/Related Organizations are allowed to join DJs United and may use their business name as their DJU login name if so required eg: “Billy's Sound & Lighting”, but should not use their website address as their login name eg: Not “www.mydiscoshop.co.uk”.

R2) Retailers/Related Organisations may reply to members' forum posts for quotes on equipment at any time, but may not message or otherwise solicit members unless it has been invited.

R3) Advertising is limited to one ad post per 30 days posted in the Dedicated Advertising Forum and may advertise your companies', sub-companies or associated companies services and any products for sale. You may use this post to promote as many products as you wish & also upload any flyers or price list as part of this promotion.

R4) Retailers/related organisations not adhering to these terms may have their posting rights suspended or membership terminated

Signature Linking

Signature linking is permitted after a period of active posting, providing the linked site complies with this code of conduct. Remotely hosted graphics and banners are also permitted up to a total maximum size of 468 pixels wide by 80 pixel high. Excessively large graphics or text fonts may be removed.

Limit of Liability

Any opinions, comments or views expressed on this forum are for discussion purposes only and attach themselves only to that of the author and do not reflect the opinions of the owners of Dj's United. Considering the real-time nature of this bulletin board, this forum should be deemed as 'un-moderated' as it is impossible for us to review or confirm the validity of every bit of information posted and we shall not be deemed liable for any damages or dispute arising from a delay in removing objectionable material. Members are asked to assist the moderators by reporting any spam or abusive / objectionable post by using the 'Report' facility or by contacting an Admin or Moderator directly.

This forum is not moderated in real time and any posts which are reported for content issues will be investigated expeditiously.

You agree that when voluntarily submitting content (pictures or text) to this community you are granting us free, non-exclusive license to store and publish that material regardless of any change in your membership status or personal circumstances. This means that by submitting the content onto our servers, you are freely and irrevocably allowing us to store and publish that content with no restrictions or claim. Posts and threads will not deleted upon request, and so you should be aware that anything which you post will remain continuously within the public domain and cached on search engines.

Dj's United or its owners shall not be held liable for any dispute or loss incurred through the forum during any business or commercial activity between its members. You are politely reminded of your own obligations to ensure the suitability of any product or service and to obtain any agreement in writing.


Registration is free, no payment or address information is required or requested and your privacy is respected at all times. Please ensure that you enter a working Email address as manual email validation is required. Registration from incorrect, incomplete or false email addresses will be deleted. Please allow upto 24 hours for your Registration to be approved and full access to the forum granted. Registrations may be declined for several reasons including where the registered information is incomplete or misleading or where we believe that a new account has been created by or is associated with a previously deleted ior blocked user.

Thank You.
Dan 'Dukesy'
DJU Administrator

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