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200ft Marquee Gig Has Arrived

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People may remember this as my first posting. The gig is tommorow, i have set up today so its all nice and relaxed on the day, just the lights to go onto the trussing.


I did my sound checks, everything sounds good. In fact, so good that security came in and told me it could be heard 2 streets away, which kind of made me very happy :dan+ju:


I was concerned with the bass. I have ended up using 2x300watt subs, 2x500watt wharfedale evpx and 4 250watt sattelites for microphone speeches to get the sound to the ends of the marquee. Theres a very nice sound in there, nice and bassy as the 500watt wharfedales provide a lovely balanced sound. Will post some pics after the event, but the marquee can be seen on my home page at www.disco-fever.org.uk

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