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School Leavers Marquee Review And Photos

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The school leavers event was a great success in the end. Only needed 1000w full range and 600w bass around the set up. I put out satellites totalling around 500w each side to hit the far ends of the marquee and i had more than enough. When i was rehearsing the day before i was told it could be heard 2 streets away. I ended up playing calypso on their arrival, easy listening throughout their meal and i had an hours slot from 12-1 after the live band and just belted out a wide range of classic floorfillers from 50s-date. A great night and hopefully a function i will get next year.

Photos can be seen on my gallery page www.disco-fever.org.uk

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Nice photos! :good:

What Mixer/CD Player is that??...Very smart


Its the prodigy b-52. Its a very nice bit of kit and something you want to show off, however its got so many different functions, features and sound effects that im struggling to get my head around it at the moment.

Im reading the manual but its just not going in :fear:

Im trying to just mess around with it, but i can imagine it taking quite some time to master its full potential.

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Just had a look on your website very impressive!! Are they LED twisters that your using as I thought they look something like it. Also is that a heavy smoke machine ? I'm thinking of getting one, but the only problem i found with them is keep filling them up wit ice each time, some bars are quite good and have big ice makers where as some of them dont. And its not the sort of thing you could take with you ina big is it! LOL


Marquee pix look great! I've never had the privilege of playing at a Marquee but never say never!!









Email :: info@nrgize-disco.co.uk

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I agree with the others great pictures and a neat set up.


Just one word of advice, lose the sound on your homepage. I had to quickly close your homepage down here at work so no one could here me surfing the net, this could also put potential clients of from viewing your site.

DJ Frankie Knuckles.


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