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Ultra Violet Lights....older Djs.

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Thanx very much to you all.


Some good replies.


hi i still use a 2ft one from maplins as my deck light cost about £15 for unit and lamp, great 70's style effect i love it to bits. will invest in two more to fit to light stands.

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Just reminiscing to myself as I was driving along the other day.Is my memory playing a trick on me or inthe seventies didnt any self-respecting DJ unit or venue have the dancers bathed in Ultra Violet light.....U know the type that makes your shirt and teeth look brill.


Did they just go out of fashion or did some Government ban them cos they were so good.Anybody still use them??Know where I can get some units??Play a lot of Retro Stuff and think it would put the icing on the cake.Don't say it would look dated....Thats what I want!!



I use two. one faces the audience and the other one faces me. Ive found myself purchasing lots of shirts or accessories that look cool under the light.

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never used one.


We did have an amusing time on a stag do once, by putting a shirt on the Stag that looked fairly plain with his name on it. What he didn't know is we had written VERY rude messages on the back in UV pen which lit up when we went clubbing! ... nice.


Thanks ... Dave

Wired For Sound Discos

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yeah i use a cannon quite often, they look amazing in the summer, especially when girls wear lovely white outfits. Hilarious when someone has a bright thong on underneath and doesnt realise the UV cannon exposes it ! But seriously....for posh occasions they look great, black tie etc, tables glowing, it adds a bit of class. Also for 18ths 21st and younger, its a selling point to have UV, youll find they show up in bright clothing and have UV paint on!


noone should be scared of them, they are just a metal box with a very large lamp in, thats it!! We've sold probably 50+ of these, ive only heard of the lamp exploding once. It happens to all lamps, its a random chance. Surely someones had a Household lightbulb in the ceiling explode???

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I use a UV light on the disco........................to check the dodgey notes i sometimes get paid in tongue out icon



Seriously tho I use a portable box one I made myself facing my starcloth,the name of my disco is on there also in white vynal and it helps it stand out.




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spec says " Amazing slim-line lighting unit that can be DMX controlled so you can have it on full, strobe it or have it sound-to-light reactive. Will illuminate a 20 x 20foot dance floor. LEDs are rated for 100,000 hours."


Really would like to know how good these are LED seems to tick all the boxes no bulb blows no over heating, light weight etc etc but how good are they at £100 each they are not that expensive i could fit three to my goal post it they are any good ..left centre right I am guessing they are no where near as good as standard lights but if they cover a reasonable dance area they could be the thing i am looking for.


or i could go for this UV led bar if its any good



spec says

" * 1.5 foot/.5 meter Black light bar utilizing long life ultraviolet (UV) LED technology

* 126, 10mm UV LEDs

* DMX-512 protocol (2 DMX Channels)

* Linkable via 3-pin XLR cable

* 4-button LCD display on rear panel

* Electronic Dimming (0-100%)

* Slow to Fast UV Flash

* 4 operational modes: Program, Sound Active, Master/Slave, DMX-512

* AC outlet on rear to daisy chain power

* Built-in external microphone (for Sound Active Mode)

* Beam angle: 30°

* Includes mounting brackets for wall/ceiling mount or to set on the floor

* for wall washing

* Long life (Rated at 100,000 hrs.)

* Low power consumption

* Very low heat output

* Run all night-no duty cycle

* Colours won't fade with time"


These can be bought for about £80-£100 too

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ive had a demo of the top one, seemed pretty good, runs cool, seems bright and looks like a big purple light from the customers point of view. Doesnt take time to warm up, so you could even flash them with DMX



ahhh but does it do what a UV tube does?..........................show up who's wearing white underwear?


if not its not 4 me tongue out icon

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